Remapping the Human Soul

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Remapping the Human Soul
Remapping the Human Soul.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 23, 2007
GenreK-pop, hip hop
LanguageKorean, English
LabelWoollim Entertainment
CJ Music
ProducerDJ Tukutz (Part 1)
Tablo (Part 2)
Lee Joong-Yup (executive producer)
Epik High chronology
Black Swan Songs
Remapping the Human Soul
Pieces, Part One

Remapping the Human Soul is the fourth album by Epik High, and it was released on January 23, 2007. The album was supposed to come out in October 2006, but due to problems in the job the date was postponed[citation needed]. The album sold almost 90,000 copies in its first month of release and pushed Epik High to the number one spot for best upcoming artist.[citation needed] Also they decided to become 'no genre, just music' from fourth album. Some songs on the fourth album have been banned from several channels due to issues dealing with sexual crimes, war, education and religion—topics that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is trying to silence on the air and limit the buying age to 19+ as stated by Tablo in an interview with The Korea Times.[1] The song "Fan (Fanatic)" pushed Epik High and the album to number one on many music charts. The album went on to win the 2007 Mnet Asian Music Award for Album of the Year. Epik High's fame grew in Japan due to their song "Flow", which features Emi Hinouchi. They released a CD sample in Japan.

Track listing[edit]

Part 1 - The Brain

# Title Meaning Subtitle/reference Songwriter(s) Featured guest(s) Lyrics by Language
1 "The End Times"
DJ Tukutz
2 "白夜" "White Night"
"Stephen and Bloom" DJ Tukutz Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
3 "알고보니" "I Know"
"It's a Special Kind of Fall, a Horrible Kind" DJ Tukutz Jinbo Tablo, DJ Tukutz, Jinbo Korean
4 "실어증" "Aphasia"
"Here We Are Now, Entertainers" Pe2ny Paloalto Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
5 "Mr. Doctor" "Your Own Personal Kevorkian" Yankie of TBNY Yankie Tablo, Mithra Jin, Yankie Korean
6 "Runaway"
(Mithra's Word)
"Do Not Drink the Kool-aid" Mithra Jin Mithra Jin Korean
7 "Exile"
8 "Still Life" "Young Hamlets + Ophelias, Deconstruct!" DJ Tukutz Jinbo, The Quiett, Kebee, TBNY, MC Meta Tablo, Mithra Jin, The Quiett, Kebee, MC Meta, Topbob, Yankie, Jinbo Korean
9 "피해망상 pt. 1" "Delusion of Persecution pt. 1"
"But a Dream within a Dream" DJ Tukutz Junggigo Tablo, Mithra Jin, Junggigo Korean
10 "희생양" "Scapegoat"
"I Want to Live!" Tablo Sweet Sorrow Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
11 "Nocturne"
(Tablo's Word)
"2 Corinthians 11:14" DJ Tukutz Tablo Korean
12 "혼" "Soul"
"731" Kim Bum Jong Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
13 "In Peace"
DJ Tukutz

Part 2 - The Heart

# Title Meaning Subtitle/reference Songwriter(s) Featured guest(s) Lyrics by Language
1 "Slave Song"(Overture) Tablo
2 "Flow" "Special security prisoner Eller" Tablo Emi Hinouchi Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
3 "love/crime"(fan prelude) Tablo
4 "Fan" "John 20:29" Tablo Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
5 "거미줄" "Spider Web"
"I'm Flesh and Blood, but not Human" Tablo ITTA Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
6 "선곡표" "Track List"
"Last Night a DJ Saved My Life" DJ Zio DJ Zio Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
7 "중독" "Addiction"
"Aphrodisiac of the Self" Pe2ny Wanted Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
8 "Underground Railroad"(Intermission) Pe2ny
9 "FAQ" "Retirement From You" Tablo Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
10 "Love Love Love" "Broadband Broadway" Tablo Yoonjin of Casker Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
11 "Girl Rock" "Humbert Humbert" Tablo Jiae of Freestyle Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
12 "Broken Toys" "Mother, Lover, Artist, Soldier" Tablo Infinite Flow Tablo, Mithra Jin, Infinite Flow Korean
13 "행복합니다" "I'm Happy"
"Roman Holiday" JW of Nell JW of Nell Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
14 "Public Execution" (Finale) Pe2ny Tablo (Narration)
* "Fly (Remix)"(Hidden track - starts at 1:23) Tablo Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
* "Fly Remix Prelude (Blackmap Darkness Remix)"(On only 100 special "Blackmap" copies of the album) Tablo Tablo, Mithra Jin Korean
  • "The End Times(Opening)" contains samples of "真実の爆弾(Shinjitsu no bakudan)" by King Giddra.
  • "White Night" contains samples of "Nothing Can Stop Me" by Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.
  • "Mr. Doctor" contains samples of "Hasta Siempre" by Soledad Bravo.
  • "Nocturne (Tablo's Word)" contains samples of "Once Upon a Time" by Donna Summer.
  • "중독" contains samples of "Flashback" by Dee Dee Sharp Gamble.
  • "Broken Toys" contains samples of "Half Forgotten Daydreams" by John Cameron.

Style and songwriting[edit]


Part 2 (The Heart), which was produced by Tablo, is influenced by Philip Glass, Billy Corgan, Timbaland.[2] He also has emphasised his interest in rock, jazz, trance, garage, as well as hip hop.


Year Award-Giving Body Category Result
2007 Mnet Asian Music Awards Album of the Year[3] Won


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