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Map of Rembau in Negeri Sembilan

Rembau (Jawi:رمباو) is a town within a district that shares the same name (i.e. Rembau) that is located in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. With a population of 40,000 people the district is a stronghold of the matrilineal system known as adat perpatih, a customary practice inherited from the Minangkabaus, of Sumatra.[1]

The township is situated about 25 km south from the state capital, Seremban. The district is administered by a District officer who is vested with powers to collect taxes and run the state machinery. Most of the population are farmers, traders, government servants, factory workers and most of the young join the army and police force.

Politically, the district is the Parliament Constituency of Rembau with two State Assembly seats, Kota and Chembong. Rembau still maintains the old district ruler, which used to be called the district head or Penghulu. Now the title is Yang Teramat Mulia Undang Luak Rembau.

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Coordinates: 2°35′N 102°06′E / 2.583°N 102.100°E / 2.583; 102.100