Remedios District

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Remedios District
Panamá - Chiriquí - Remedios.svg
Remedios District is located in Panama
Remedios District
Remedios District
Location of the district capital in Panama
Coordinates: 8°14′N 82°51′W / 8.233°N 82.850°W / 8.233; -82.850Coordinates: 8°14′N 82°51′W / 8.233°N 82.850°W / 8.233; -82.850
Country  Panama
Province Chiriquí Province
Capital Remedios
 • Total 65 sq mi (168 km2)
Population (2000)
 • Total 3,489
Time zone UTC-5 (ETZ)

Remedios District (Spanish pronunciation: [reˈmeðjos]) is a district (distrito) of Chiriquí Province in Panama. The population according to the 2000 census was 3,489.[1]The district covers a total area of 168 km². The capital lies at the city of Remedios.[1]


Remedios District is one of the divisions that makes up the Province of Chiriqui, located in the Republic of Panama.

Chiriqui was first discovered in 1519 by Gaspar de Espinosa.

Considered the oldest populations of Chiriqui, was founded in 1589,(according to historians recognized Alberto Osorio, Ernesto Castillero and Ruben D. Carles) by Captain Martin Gutierrez, receiving the name of "Our Lady of Remedios". The location became an important commercial center for three reason:

1. Its proximity to the sea

2. For having the resources needed to manufacture timber vessels.

3. Joins Santiago from Veraguas and Alanje (Previously known as Chiriqui).

Remedios was the focus of evangelism of the Guaymi Indians of the area.

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Administrative divisions[edit]

Remedios District is divided administratively into the following corregimientos:


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