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Remee at Danish Song Contest 2012

Mikkel Johan Imer Sigvardt (Frederiksberg, 8 November 1974) better known as Remee, is a Danish producer, composer and songwriter.[1]


Throughout his career Remee has written more than 60 hits around the world and has sold over 25 million records. He has co-written several songs with Thomas Troelsen.

In 2003, he helped write Jamelia's international hit "Superstar", which was originally released by Danish singer Christine Milton, and won him a British Ivor Novello Award.

In 2005, Remee and Nicolai Seebach and Rasmus Seebach composed the tribute song for the victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami. Remee, along with several Danish celebrities, performed the song "Hvor små vi er". The song went 13 times platinum and raised more than 3 million Danish kroner (500,000 US dollars) for the tsunami victims.

In 2008, he became one of the original judges with Thomas Blachman and Lina Rafn searching for talent in the Danish version of the popular TV-show X-Factor.[2] He mentored the Under 25s category, which consisted of Martin Hoberg Hedegaard, Laura Arensbak Kjaergaard and Basim Moujahid. All of his acts reached the semi-final, with Hedegaard and Kjaergaard finishing as winner and runner-up respectively. The same year, he co-wrote the German entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, "Disappear", performed by No Angels. In 2009, Remee returned to the judging panel alongside Blachman and Rafn for the show's second season. Remee mentored the Groups category for his second season, which consisted of Alien Beat Club, Asian Sensation and Tårnhøj. Alien Beat Club reached the final, but lost out to Rafn's last act Linda Andrews. Remee continued as a judge for the third season, with Soulshock and Pernille Rosendahl replacing Blachman and Rafn. He mentored the Under 25s category, which consisted of Tine Midtgaard Madsen, Jesper Boesgaard and Anna "Faroe" Nygaard. Nygaard was eliminated in week 5 of the live shows, Boesgaard was eliminated in week 6 and Nygaard lost out to Thomas Ring Petersen, mentored by Rosendahl. Remee confirmed his departure after the final of season 3 and his replacement for the fourth season was Cutfather. In September 2013, it was confirmed that Remee would return as a judge for the seventh season of X Factor alongside fellow original judges Thomas Blachman and Lina Rafn, replacing Anne Linnet.[3] For his fourth year on the show, Remee was given the Over 23s category, which consisted of Lucy Mardou, Pernille Nordtorp and Steffen Gilmartin. Gilmartin was eliminated in week 4, Nortorp was eliminated in week 6 and Mardou lost out in the final to Anthony Jasmin, mentored by Blachman. Despite confirming after the final that he would leave the show, it was confirmed in August that Remee would return for season 8 Remee won as winning mentor in season 8 with Emilie Esther Remee then won again in season 9 with Embrace he is now the most winning mentor in the danish x factor.


Compilation albums[edit]

  • Grænseløs Greatest (1999)


  • 2004 Ivor Novello Awards for Jamelia "Superstar".
  • 2008 BMI Awards for Corbin Bleu "Deal with It".
  • 2008 Comet Awards Germany "Song of the Year" for Monrose "Hot Summer".
  • 2008 Eurovision Winner Germany for No Angels "Disappear".
  • 2008 TV Awards Denmark - 'TV show of the year' for "X-factor".


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