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Big Bang - Remember album cover.png
Studio album by Big Bang
Released November 5, 2008
Recorded 2008
Length 39:12
Label YG Entertainment
Big Bang chronology
Number 1
(2008)Number 12008
Big Bang
(2009)Big Bang2009
Singles from Remember
  1. "Sunset Glow"
    Released: November 5, 2008
  2. "Strong Baby"
    Released: January 1, 2009

Remember is the second Korean album by South Korean boy band Big Bang, released by YG Entertainment on November 5, 2008.[1] Before release, demand for the album made it surpass 200,000 pre-orders.[2] "Sunset Glow" (Korean: 붉은노을; Revised Romanization: Byulkeun Noeul), originally by artist Lee Moon Sae, served as the title track for the album.[3] During the 2008 KBS Music Festival, Big Bang performed the hit together with Lee Moon Sae.[4]

"Strong Baby," Seungri's solo track, was released as the second single. The music video was released January 1, 2009.[5]


Two music videos from the album were released for "Sunset Glow" and "Strong Baby."[1] "Sunset Glow" was promoted with the entire group, while member Seungri performed "Strong Baby" solo.[6] Seungri would later go on to receive the triple crown on Korean music show Inkigayo.[7]

Track listing[edit]

1."Intro (Everybody Scream)" (모두 다 소리쳐; Modu Da Sorichyeo)G-DragonG-Dragon, KushKush, DJ Wreckx1:44
2."Oh. Ah. Oh." (오. 아. 오.; O. A. O.)G-DragonG-Dragon, John Larkin, Antonio Nunzio Catania, Teddy ParkTeddy3:46
3."Sunset Glow" (붉은 노을; Byulkeun Noeul)G-Dragon, Lee Hyung-honLee Hyung-hon, G-Dragon, TeddyTeddy3:24
4."Twinkle Twinkle" (반짝 반짝; Banjjak Banjjak)KushKushKush3:38
5."Strong Baby" (Seungri solo)G-DragonG-Dragon, JR GrooveJR Groove3:43
6."Wonderful"G-DragonG-Dragon, Brave Brothers, TeddyTeddy3:28
7."Foolish Love" (멍청한 사랑; Meongcheonghan Sarang)G-DragonKush, Choi KyusungKush4:02
8."Haru Haru (Acoustic Version)" (하루하루; Haru Haru)G-DragonG-Dragon, Daishi DanceKush4:41
9."Lies (Remix)" (거짓말; Geojitmal)G-DragonG-DragonG-Dragon3:28
10."Last Farewell (Remix)" (마지막 인사; Majimak Insa)G-DragonG-Dragon, Brave BrothersKush4:02
11."Remember"Yang Hyun SukTeddy Park, Walt AndersonTeddy3:19
Total length:39:12

Sample credits


Year Award-Giving Body Category Result
2009 Seoul Music Awards Record of the Year Won[8]


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