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Desperate Housewives episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 23 and 24
Directed byLarry Shaw
Story by
Teleplay by
Original air dateMay 21, 2006
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"No One Is Alone"
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"Listen to the Rain on the Roof"
Desperate Housewives (season 2)
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"Remember" is composed of two episodes (46th and 47th) and is the two-hour season finale of the second season of the ABC television series, Desperate Housewives. The episode was written by Marc Cherry and Jenna Bans with a story by Tom Spezialy and Alexandra Cunningham and was directed by Larry Shaw. It originally aired on Sunday, May 21, 2006.


Betty Applewhite and Caleb prepare for their departure from Wisteria Lane in the middle of the night. In the present, as Betty and Caleb leave their house, the police surround them and they are placed into police cars as the entire neighborhood watches.

Meanwhile, Bree begins her stay at the psychiatric hospital where she meets up with Susan's new friend, Orson Hodge, who is visiting a sick friend. Bree is embarrassed and says she is not like the other people there which Orson accepts graciously. Orson then proceeds to talk to his friend who stares out a window. During a therapy session, the doctor finds Bree troubled but has problems to relate to her since Bree will not explain her reasons for admitting herself. Bree receives a phone call from Betty who tells her that she believes Matthew, not Caleb, killed Melanie, and that Bree's daughter, Danielle, is in danger. When Bree attempts to leave she is put into restraints and is forced to remain in bed. During another session, she throws the contents of a miniature Zen sand garden at the doctor and makes a run for the door. Bree is seen by Orson who looks on without intervening.

Gabrielle plans golf lessons for Carlos and herself but is upset to learn that Carlos must complete his community service. While taking a break at hole 9, Gabrielle visits the bar and is shocked to learn that Carlos has died after being run over by a car. Gabrielle then returns home and tells a confused Xiao-Mei that Carlos "is dead". Xiao-Mei begs Gabrielle not to kill him, and a confused Gabrielle states he is already dead. Xiao-Mei says Carlos was in the kitchen, and so Gabrielle goes inside, finds Carlos in the kitchen and demands an explanation. Carlos then tells Gabrielle he paid Ralph, the gardener, to be in his place. Gabrielle is relieved but puzzled by the way Xiao-Mei acted outside and the way Carlos is acting inside. She points out to Carlos that the police have his name as the man who was killed doing community service. Convinced Carlos is having an affair, Gabrielle places baby monitors in suspected places. While visiting Lynette, Penny's baby monitor acquires a frequency coming from the Solis' home which broadcasts Carlos and Xiao-Mei getting it on. Gabrielle rushes over where she sees Carlos and Xiao-Mei making love. Gabrielle then throws Carlos' clothes out the window and recommends he find himself a new living arrangement. When he points out that she told him to have an affair, she retorts, "Yeah, but not with my baby's mother". When Xiao-Mei asks if she can leave, Gabrielle says that she cannot leave until she gives birth to her (Gabrielle's) baby. Xiao-Mei then vents angrily in Chinese and Gabrielle tells her that if she does not comply she will make it the "worst nine months of her life".

Zach Young visits Paul in jail and is bullied by him to go to his grandfather Noah for money, ostensibly for a car but really for a lawyer for Paul. Zach does not want to do this because he dislikes his grandfather and thinks he's creepy, but does when Paul brings up his deceased mother. Zach fails in his attempt when Noah quickly realizes the money is not for him but for Paul. When Zach becomes distraught, Noah mocks Zach for being weak and tells him he is disinheriting him as he can't abide weakness. Zach then pulls the plug on Noah's ventilator and sits down to watch him die. All of Noah's assets quickly go to Zach who is the heir apparent. When Paul calls and asks about the money, Zach says Noah would not give it to him. Paul becomes verbally abusive and demands that Zach come visit him. Zach says he is busy and hangs up. Zach then hands his phone to his new retainer and tells the man to get him a new phone with a new phone number.

Lynette checks into a motel with the children but they soon become impatient that their father never arrives. Porter becomes truculent when Lynette tells him he cannot go in the pool again. As he defiantly evades Lynette, he straddles the balcony's railing and falls over the side. Porter is then rushed to the hospital where Tom meets them. Lynette informs Tom that Porter only has an arm injury. Tom then asks Lynette why she left and apologizes for his actions. Tom then reveals to Lynette that years prior before they met, Tom inadvertently impregnated a woman on a cruise and lost contact with her. The woman, Nora, has an 11-year-old daughter named Kayla who lives in Atlantic City. Lynette then shoves Tom into a row of chairs and agrees to meet the woman. Quickly, the two are at odds and have nothing in common. Nora then threatens to sue Tom for years of child support. Lynette and Tom quickly come up with a settlement, however, Nora is still not happy. Nora surprisingly announces that she has purchased a home in Fairview and will be moving in. Nora then tries to settle her animosity with Lynette who is still angry with her.

Susan moves into a motor home with Julie temporarily until she can get her home fixed. Karl soon learns that Susan is living in a trailer and attempts to help "his girls" by persuading Susan to move into something much more liveable. One morning, Karl breaks into the trailer and drives them to a house which Karl has purchased for them, which Susan, after waffling for a little, accepts. Mike soon finds out and gets into a fight with Karl since Karl knew he planned to propose to Susan. When Susan appears to be more concerned with Karl than with him, he becomes upset with Susan that she would accept a house from Karl when she would not accept an offer to stay at his place. Susan decides not to move into the house after the news that Mike was going to propose. Instead, she invites him for a romantic dinner where she will propose. On his way to meet Susan, he is followed by Orson who purposefully runs over him after he stops to buy roses. He is left lying in the road, unconscious.

At the police station, Betty is shown a picture of Melanie's dead body. Betty quickly notices Matthew's jacket on her body and warns the police that the jacket belongs to her other son. A flashback then shows Matthew arriving to find Melanie alive and conscious. When Melanie vindictively tells Matthew that she will go to the police and have Caleb put away, Matthew picks up the two-by-four and finishes Melanie off. Later, Matthew and Danielle, in need of money, return to Wisteria Lane to rob Bree's safe. When Danielle learns that the combination has been changed, Matthew returns to his home for a sledge hammer. Matthew is soon confronted by Betty who knows that it was he who killed Melanie, not Caleb. Matthew leaves and breaks into the safe while Betty calls the police. Bree soon catches both of them and warns Danielle that Matthew is a killer. Danielle just takes this as more of her mom's craziness. Matthew then puts Bree at gunpoint and threatens to kill her if she does not move. Bree comes closer and tells him that if that's what it takes to show her daughter what he is, then fine. This proves to Danielle that Matthew is a killer and how much her mother loves her that she's ready to give up her life for her welfare. Before Matthew pulls the trigger, he is shot by a police squad and killed. Matthew's body is then wheeled into an ambulance as the neighborhood watches. The following morning, Betty and Caleb leave Wisteria Lane for good. Bree is then visited by Orson who presents her with flowers and congratulates her on the escape. Pleased with his kind gestures, Bree invites Orson into her home. As the door closes behind them, the view turns toward the sky as ominous music begins to play.


The episode also features several flashbacks. They include:

  • 1990: Mary Alice and husband Paul (formerly Angela and Todd Forrest) move to Wisteria Lane with baby Zach. (as revealed in "One Wonderful Day")
  • 1992: Susan Mayer and her husband Karl along with 2 year-old Julie move to Wisteria Lane. While taking boxes out of the truck, she locks herself in as baby Julie watches from her stroller. Susan then tries to yell for help and meets Mary Alice Young who invites her in for coffee.
  • 1994: Bree Van de Kamp and her husband Rex move in with children Andrew (6) and Danielle (5). Bree then introduces herself to Mary Alice and forces her son Andrew to apologize when he stole a garden frog statue.
  • 1998: A pregnant Lynette Scavo and husband Tom quarrel while bringing baby items into their home. When the other ladies introduce themselves, they quickly become friends with Lynette since they fear her as an enemy.
  • 2001: Rex has his prescriptions filled by his pharmacist (and future murderer) George Williams. Bree compliments George for having a solid upbringing as she argues with Rex about Danielle's hair color.
  • 2003: Newlyweds Gabrielle and Carlos Solis move in. They are then greeted by the other wives while Gabrielle unpacks in her underwear. The situation becomes awkward when Carlos recommends he and Gabrielle have sex in the kitchen.
  • 2004: Penny Scavo, Tom and Lynette's fourth child, is born.
  • 2004: Gabrielle successfully seduces John Rowland, her gardener after being angered at Carlos's continued absences.
  • 2005: Betty Applewhite prepares to flee from Chicago after discovering that Caleb supposedly murdered Melanie Foster; Matthew murders Melanie.


  • This is the series' first two-hour episode. It is being aired as two episodes in syndication.
  • When the episode aired in the UK as two episodes, some scenes were aired in a different order, e.g. Zach claiming Noah's fortune was moved to the second hour.
  • Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong) is seen in this episode, for the second time in season two.
  • As of this episode, all of the Youngs (Mary Alice, Paul and Zach) have murdered someone.
  • This episode marks the return of former cast member Steven Culp as a special guest star, reprising the role of Bree's husband Dr. Rex Van de Kamp in flashbacks. Former cast member Jesse Metcalfe, who has not been seen since the third episode of the second season, also returns. Roger Bart who played George Williams, also returns for a brief cameo when the episode flashes back to 2001.
  • Although credited, Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan) and Andrew Van De Kamp (Shawn Pyfrom) do not appear in this episode, although Andrew does appear in a flashback at age 6.
  • For the second time, the season finale features flashbacks from before Mary Alice's suicide which opened the show.
  • This is the last episode featuring Alfre Woodard as Betty Applewhite, Mehcad Brooks as Matthew Applewhite and NaShawn Kearse as Caleb Applewhite.
  • There is a goof when Bree meets Mary-Alice. At the end of the scene, Mary-Alice says she does not remember what Bree's name is, when in fact it's Andrew's name which is not introduced, and Bree's name which is introduced by Bree herself. As a consequence, Mary-Alice knows Andrew's name although she did not hear it.

Title reference[edit]

International titles[edit]

  • French: Rebondissements à Wisteria Lane [1 & 2/2] (Reboundings in Wisteria Lane [1 & 2/2])
  • German: Erinnerungen (Memories)
  • Italian: Ricordare (To remember)
  • Hungarian: Emlékezz! (Remember)
  • Polish: Pamięć (Memory)
  • Hebrew: זכרו (Remember)