Remembering – Part 1

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Remembering – Part 1
Compilation album by Thin Lizzy
Released August 1976
Recorded 1971–1974
Genre Hard rock, blues rock
Label Decca

Remembering – Part 1 is a compilation album by rock group Thin Lizzy, one of the first compilations of the band's early years with Eric Bell, released by their record company at that time, Decca Records, in an apparent attempt to cash in on the chart success Lizzy had recently begun enjoying with Vertigo. It includes "Sitamoia" and "Little Darling", both featuring Gary Moore during his first brief stint with the group, the first of which was previously unreleased. The time frame of the album stretches from 1971 to 1974.

The album was known simply as "Remembering" in Germany, where it was released as a 27-track double album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Black Boys on the Corner"
  2. "A Song for While I'm Away"
  3. "Randolph's Tango"
  4. "Little Girl in Bloom"
  5. "Sitamoia" (Brian Downey)
  6. "Little Darling"
  7. "Remembering"
  8. "Gonna Creep Up on You" (Eric Bell, Lynott)
  9. "Whiskey in the Jar" (Trad. arr. Lynott, Bell, Downey)
  10. "The Rocker" (Lynott, Bell, Downey)



Track listing from Remembering[edit]

Side 1

  1. "Remembering"
  2. "The Rise And Dear Demise Of The Funky Nomadic Tribes" (Lynott-Bell-Downey)
  3. "Buffalo Gal"
  4. "I Don't Want To Forget How To Jive"
  5. "Sarah"
  6. "Brought Down"

Side 2

  1. "Randolph's Tango"
  2. "Chatting Today"
  3. "Baby Face"
  4. "Call The Police"
  5. "Shades Of A Blue Orphanage"
  6. "Broken Dreams" (Lynott-Bell-Downey)
  7. "Old Moon Madness"

Side 3

  1. "Black Boys On The Corner"
  2. "The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf Castle" (Bell-Lynott)
  3. "Honesty Is No Excuse"
  4. "Diddy Levine"
  5. "Ray-Gun" (Bell)
  6. "Look What The Wind Blew In"
  7. "Sitamoia"

Side 4

  1. "Eire"
  2. "Return Of The Farmers Son"
  3. "Clifton Grange Hotel"
  4. "Saga Of The Ageing Orphan"
  5. "Dublin"
  6. "Things Ain't Working But Down At The Farm"
  7. "Remembering (Part 2)"

(NB Side 4 Track 6 "... But Down ..." is a sleeve error and the song is " ... Out Down ...")

Remembering Sleeve notes[edit]

Recorded between 1971 and 1974

All titles recorded with the following Line-up:

BRIAN DOWNEY (Drums & Percussion)

PHILIP LYNOTT (Base, Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals)

ERIC BELL (Lead Guitar, Guitar & Vocals), except "Sitamoia" and "Little Darling" : GARY MOORE (Lead Guitar, Guitars & Vocals)

All titles produced by NICK TAUBER & PHILIP LYNOTT

Executive Producer: FRANK RODGERS


NB Sitamoia is credited differently in various place, either to Lynott or Downey. Unconfirmed is that Lynott made Downey a birthday gift of the writing credit.