Remenham Challenge Cup

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The Remenham Challenge Cup is a rowing event for women's eights at the annual Henley Royal Regatta on the River Thames at Henley-on-Thames in England. It is open to female crews from all eligible rowing clubs. Two or more clubs may combine to make an entry.[1]


In 1998 the first invitation event was held for women's eights, which in 1999 became an open event known as the Henley Prize. In 2002 the Remenham Club presented a trophy in memory of its late President, Ian Rogers M.B.E., and the event was subsequently renamed The Remenham Challenge.[1]


Year Remenham Challenge Cup winners Crew Time
2019 Waiariki Rowing Club, New Zealand Ella Greenslade, Kerri Gowler, Beth Ross, Lucy Spoors, Kelsey Bevan, Emma Dyke, Grace Prendergast, Jackie Gowler (s) Caleb Shepherd (c) 6:38
2018 Georgina Hope Rinehart National Training Centre, Australia Lucy Stephan, Katrina Werry, Hannah Vermeersch, Rosie Popa, Ciona Wilson, Georgina Rowe, Sarah Hawe, Molly Goodman (s), James Rook (c) 6:36
2016 Princeton Training Center, U.S.A. 7:00
2015 Western Rowing Club, Canada 6:48
2014 Leander Club and Imperial College London incl: Jessica Eddie, cox Zoe de Toledo 7:11
2013 Leander Club and Oxford Brookes University incl: Jessica Eddie, cox Zoe de Toledo 6.43
2012 Western Rowing Club, Canada 7.27
2011 Princeton Training Center, U.S.A. 6.38
2010 Western Rowing Club, Canada 7.29
2009 Leander Club & Wallingford Rowing Club incl: Jessica Eddie 7.37
2008 Leander Club & Wallingford Rowing Club incl: Heather Stanning[2] 7.31
2007 Dortmund RC, Germany 7.22
2006 Princeton Training Center, U.S.A. 6.50
2005 Thames Rowing Club 'A' 7.27
2004 Thames Rowing Club and University of London 7.10
2003 Western Rowing Club & Victoria City Rowing Club, Canada 6.56
2001 Australian Institute of Sport, Australia Jodi Winter, Jo Lutz, Julia Wilson, Jane Robinson, Emily Martin, Rebecca Sattin, Victoria Roberts, Kristina Larsen (s) Carly Bilson (c) 6:36