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Remesh Ramachandran is an Indian ethical hacker. Working on numerous cyber crimes, Ramachandran has engaged with Indian Government and International agencies. Ramachandran is also a part of Google Hall of Fame.[1][2] Ramachandran has also worked with finance companies, conducting security audits.[3][4] Ramachandran is the founder of OpenPenTest. He has developed an OpenPenTest platform which is freely available for security researchers, analysts, penetration testers and ethical hackers for performing vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.[5]


Ramachandran serves as a Member of Advisory Board for the EC-Council and contributes for their certification exam CHFI (Computer Hacking and Forensic Investigation). He is currently working as a CISO at Hazida Group. Ramachandran has submitted numerous research papers at several information security conferences such as DEF CON, BlackHat and Hackers Halted[6][3]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • Google Hall of Fame spotting a bug known as Cross-site Scripting (XSS)[1][7][4][2]
  • 'Bug Bounties' and Acknowledgements from - United Nations, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, McAfee, Yahoo, eBay, Bosch, Check Point, MasterCard, University of Cambridge, University of Twente and Harvard University[5][6][7]


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