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Remetea may refer to several places in Romania:

  • Remetea, a commune in Bihor County
  • Remetea, a commune in Harghita County
  • Remetea, a village in Meteș Commune, Alba County
  • Remetea, a district in the city of Târgu Mureş, Mureş County
  • Remetea Chioarului, a commune in Maramureş County
  • Remetea Mare, a commune in Timiş County
  • Remetea-Pogănici, a village in Fârliug Commune, Caraş-Severin County
  • Remetea Oaşului, a village in Orașu Nou Commune, Satu Mare County
  • Remetea-Luncă, a village in Mănăștiur Commune, Timiş County
  • Remetea Mică, a village in Mașloc Commune, Timiş County