Remington Model 341

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Remington Model 341
Type Rifle
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Designer C.C. Loomis
Designed 1936
Manufacturer Remington Arms
Produced 1936 - 1940
No. built 131,604
Cartridge .22 Long Rifle, .22 Short, .22 Long
Action Bolt Action Rifle
Feed system tubular magazine
Sights Iron

The Remington Model 341 is a bolt-action rifle designed and built by Remington Arms for four years prior to World War II.[1]


The Model 341 is a conventional bolt-action, tube fed rifle. It is, in essence, an updated Model 34. Though conventional in layout and design, the Model 34 and 341 feature a patented lifter mechanism that presents cartridges to the chamber without the bullet touching rear of the chamber. This prevents damage to the bullet and conceivably increases accuracy potential.[2]

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