Remington Model 58

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Remington Model 58
Type Shotgun
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Designer L. Ray Critendon, Ellis Hailston, and Phillip R. Haskell[1]
Designed 1956
Manufacturer Remington Arms
Produced 1956–1963
No. built ~271,000
Cartridge 12 gauge, 16 gauge & 20 gauge
Action semi-automatic Gas Operated
Feed system 2+1 round Tubular magazine
Sights Bead front, plain or Vent Rib barrel; notch rear, blade front for RSS model[2]

The Remington Model 58 also Sportsman 58 is a semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Remington Arms in the mid 20th century. It was Remington's first gas operated shotgun and was marketed alongside the recoil operated Model 11-48. The 58 was manufactured in 12, 16, & 20 gauge from 1956 to 1963 until it was replaced by the Model 1100.


Being Remington's first gas-operated shotgun, the Model 58 suffered from many design shortcomings compared to the contemporary Model 11-48 with which it shared many design features and parts. The gas system was built into the front of the magazine and therefore limited capacity to two-shots. Gas was tapped from a hole in the barrel into a large chamber. A piston in this chamber drove an action bar rearward which, in turn, operated the bolt to cycle the action. The action spring was also located inside the forward end of the magazine tube.

The design proved more expensive to make than the 11-48 as well as less reliable, and heavier. Remington chose to replace the Model 58 with a model that combined the best features of the 11-48 with those of the Model 58. The resulting Model 1100 immediately replaced the Model 58 and proved so successful that it soon also replaced the model 11-48 and remains in production as of 2014, over 50 years after its introduction.


The Model 58 was produced in several version and grades including a 3" magnum version and one with rifle sights.