Remington Model 799

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Remington Model 799
Type Rifle
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Manufacturer Remington Arms
Produced 2006-2008 [1]
Weight 7.75 lb (3.52 kg) [2]
Length 39.5–42.5 in (100–108 cm) [2]
Barrel length 20–26 in (51–66 cm) [2]


The Remington Model 799 is a bolt action repeating hunting rifle made by Serbian Zastava and branded under Remington Arms. The action is based on a modified Mauser 98 action.[3] Before it was marketed by Remington Arms, a much more cheaper and generic version was sold by Charles Daly at a much cheaper price. Charles Daly also offered barreled actions that were. According to Charles Daly Remington offered the maker of these 'mini-Mausers' a much better deal for the rifle.[citation needed]


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