Remington Semi Automatic Sniper System

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Remington Semi Automatic Sniper System (RSASS)
Type Sniper rifle
Place of origin  United States
Production history
Designed 2010 - Present
Manufacturer Remington Arms
Weight 15.75 lb (7.14 kg)[1]
Length 39.5 in (100 cm)[1]
Barrel length 18 in (46 cm)[1]
20 in (51 cm)[1]

Cartridge 7.62 NATO[1]
Barrels 1:10 twist [1]
Effective firing range 875–1,100 yd (800–1,006 m)[1]
Feed system 20-round magazine

The Remington Semi Automatic Sniper System, or RSASS, is a semi-automatic sniper rifle manufactured by Remington Arms.

Design and features[edit]

The RSASS was designed by Remington with help from JP Enterprises Company. The rifle is built with JP-made components including a left-side charging handle receiver and trigger group but is sold and supported by Remington. Remington offers the R11 RSASS rifle as a complete package, with a Leupold telescopic sight, a quick-detachable suppressor, a Harris bipod and a carrying case.[2] The stated accuracy for the RSASS is Sub-MOA, with an effective range of up to 1,100 yd (1,000 m).[1]

The rifle is based on the Stoner AR-10 system adapted to .308 caliber cartridges, with adjustable direct gas impingement operation and rotary bolt locking. The receiver is designed with a folding charging handle located on the left side, which facilitates more comfortable operation from prone position. The barrel is made from stainless steel for maximum accuracy is fitted with a flash hider (when a suppressor is not used). Additional features include a fully adjustable Magpul stock and a flat-top style upper receiver with integral Picatinny rail. The rifle is fed using SR-25/M110 .308/7.62 magazines with 19- or 20-round capacities.[2]


The primary market for the RSASS is law enforcement and military as a designated marksman/sniper rifle.[2] As of January 2013, the rifle is only available for Military/LEOs and not for civilian sales.[3]


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