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Also known as Remix Artist Collective
Origin Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Years active 2007 (2007) – present
Labels Cherrytree, Interscope
Members André Allen Anjos
Past members Aaron Jasinski
Chris Angelovski
Andrew Maury
Karl Kling

RAC is the solo indie-electronic project of André Allen Anjos.[1] Originally the Remix Artist Collective, RAC was started by Anjos as a group of international members who created re-interpretative rock, electronica, and dance music remixes for various musical artists. The vision of the Remix Artist Collective was to maintain a style of remixing that strays from the "club mix" archetype, creating new incarnations of songs that stem from the original structure, but expand on their genre and musical arrangement. Early RAC mixes typically feature a unique blend of hip-hop and vintage drum machine samples, analog synthesizers, melodic hooks, and original instrumentation performed by the remix artists themselves. "Unlike many electronic remixes, which are commonly technical and precise, RAC mixes embody a unique aesthetic built on emotion and nuance, an almost intangible warmth and innate playfulness."[2]

Today, RAC has expanded into the production of original music, continuing to collaborate with artists across multiple genres. RAC's debut studio album as Anjos' solo project, Strangers, was released on April 1, 2014.


The Remix Artist Collective was created in January 2007 by André Allen Anjos with partners Aaron Jasinski and Chris Angelovski. Later, Andrew Maury (New York) and Karl Kling (Portland) would replace Jasinski and Angelovski. RAC's first release was "Sleeping Lessons (RAC Mix)" for The Shins, earning the remix a spot as a B-Side on the single release for "Australia." The mix, along with several other projects garnered interest among bands like Tokyo Police Club, Bloc Party, and Ra Ra Riot. Since the end of 2007, RAC has been building an empire of indie remix favorites and a quickly growing, word-of-mouth following. RAC has remixed notable artists such as Kings of Leon, Lana Del Rey, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Edward Sharpe, Death Cab For Cutie, Phoenix, Surfer Blood, Foster The People, Two Door Cinema Club, Delorean, and Washed Out. RAC released their first original song "Hollywood" featuring Penguin Prison's Chris Glover via Green Label Sound on May 3, 2012. "Hollywood" is the promotional single to the forthcoming debut RAC original album.[2] RAC released their second original song "Let Go" featuring Bloc Party's Kele and MNDR on August 20, 2013. This is the second single from their EP "Don't Talk To", released October 1, 2013.


In addition to the mention and posting of several remixes on blog and news sites such as Pitchfork Media, I Guess I'm Floating, Brooklyn Vegan and The Music Slut, RAC has received more formal recognition in a full-length feature article for the St. Louis Riverfront Times, an online interview with Stereo Subversion, and a free-mp3, official release through Stereogum (Stereogum Presents RAC Vol.1). RAC's Sega Vs. Nintendo EP spurred hundreds of blog postings around the world and a headline from the gaming site Kotaku.[3][4]


André Allen Anjos - Portland, Oregon, U.S. / Portugal[edit]

André Allen Anjos is a young music artist with multiple years' experience in remixing, producing, and song-writing. Originally from Porto, Portugal, André now resides in the USA. He is the founder and coordinator of the Remix Artist Collective. André is currently RAC's most prolific remix artist, creating a majority of the tracks himself.[5] His signature remixing sound is in large part a result of some of his equipment: Notably, a 1982 Roland Juno-60 and 1973 Univox MiniKorg. André has also been known to manipulate analog tape machines to achieve effects, and primarily works with Ableton Live and Digidesign Pro Tools.[2] Outside of remixing, André has done work creating original music content for HBO’s Entourage, and is now an active, principal member of the indie-electronica band, The Pragmatic.[6]

Former Members[edit]

Andrew Maury - Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

Karl Kling - Portland, Oregon, U.S.



Year Title
2010 "Holy Rollers OST"
2014 "Strangers"


Year Title
2008 "RAC VOL. 1"
"Nintendo VS Sega"
2009 "RAC VOL. 1.5"
2011 "Nintendo VS Sega 2"
"RAC VOL. 2"
2012 "Chapter One"
2013 "Don't Talk To"
2014 "Strangers Part I"
"Strangers Part II"
"Cheap Sunglasses (Remixes)"


Year Title Album
2010 "If You Forget Me" N/A
2012 "Hollywood (featuring Penguin Prison)" Strangers
2013 "Let Go (featuring Kele and MNDR)"
2015 "Tear You Down (featuring Alex Ebert)"

Strangers Part II[edit]

Track Title Artist
1 Sixteen RAC
2 Seventeen Pink Feathers
3 Repeating Motion Karl Kling
4 All I Got Peter Morén
5 I Should've Guessed Speak
6 Ready For It St. Lucia
7 405 YACHT
8 We Belong Katie Herzig
9 Cheap Sunglasses Matthew Koma

Strangers Part I[edit]

Track Title Artist
1 Let Go Kele & MNDR
2 Ello Ello Body Language
3 Hollywood Penguin Prison
4 Cells RAC
5 Hard To Hold Tegan and Sara
6 Tourist Tokyo Police Club
7 Tear You Down Alex Ebert

"Hollywood Ft. Penguin Prison"[edit]


Track Title Artist
1 Hollywood Ft. Penguin Prison André Allen Anjos / Chris Glover

RAC VOL. 2[edit]


Track Title Artist
1 Stay Close (RAC Mix) Delorean
2 Take It Easy (RAC Maury Mix) Surfer Blood
3 Interlude In E Minor André Allen Anjos
4 Black Sheep (RAC Mix) Suckers
5 New Theory (RAC Mix) Washed Out
6 Redspine Revival Andrew Maury
7 Whatever This Is (RAC Maury Mix) Ruby Coast
8 When I'm Small (RAC Mix) Phantogram
9 Armistice (RAC Mix) Phoenix

RAC VOL. 1.5[edit]


Track Title Artist
1 Magnificent (RAC Mix) U2
2 Heavy Cross (RAC Mix) The Gossip
3 Reminder (RAC Mix) Honeythieves
4 Too Fake (RAC Mix) Hockey

Stereogum Presents RAC Vol. 1[edit]


Track Title Artist
1 Helicopter (Intro) (RAC Mix) Bloc Party
2 Hunting For Witches (RAC Mix) Bloc Party
3 Sad Song (RAC Mix) Au Revoir Simone
4 Nature Of The Experiment (RAC Mix) Tokyo Police Club
5 Manner To Act (RAC Mix) Ra Ra Riot
6 Across Your Knee (RAC Mix) Robbers On High Street
7 Like I Give a Care (RAC Mix) You Say Party! We Say Die!
8 Orlando Bloom (RAC Mix) Femme Generation
9 Fancy Footwork (RAC Mix) Chromeo

RAC Nintendo Vs. Sega EP[edit]

Nintendo Vs. Sega EP

Track Title Remix Artist
1 Super Mario Bros (RAC Mix) André Anjos
2 Sonic: Spring Yard Zone (RAC Maury Mix) Andrew Maury
3 A Link To The Past (RAC Mix) André Anjos
4 Sonic: Labyrinth Zone (RAC Maury Mix) Andrew Maury


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