Remixed & Covered

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Remixed & Covered
Xiu xiu remixes covers.jpg
Studio album by Various artists
Released April 10, 2007
Length 83:30
Label 5RC
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Pitchfork Media 7.0/10 April 5, 2007

Remixed & Covered is a 2007 double album by Xiu Xiu. One disc contains cover versions of the band's songs, whilst the other contains remixes of their originals.

Track listing[edit]

Disc One (Covered)[edit]

  1. Larsen - "Mousey Toy"
  2. Oxbow - "Saturn"
  3. Sunset Rubdown - "Apistat Commander"
  4. Marissa Nadler - "Clowne Towne"
  5. Good For Cows - "Sad Pony Guerilla Girl"
  6. Kid 606 - "Fabulous Muscles"
  7. Why? - "The Wig Master"
  8. Her Space Holiday - "I Love The Valley OH!"
  9. Devendra Banhart - "Support Our Troops"

Disc Two (Remixed)[edit]

  1. "Hello From Eau Claire" (Remixed by Gold Chains)
  2. "Ceremony" (Remixed by Xiu Xiu)
  3. "Suha" (Remixed by Warbucks)
  4. "Ale" (Remixed by Cherry Point)
  5. "Over Over" (Remixed by Son)
  6. "Buzz Saw" (Remixed by This Song is a Mess but So Am I)
  7. "Bishop, CA" (Remixed by Kid 606)
  8. "Tonite & Today" (Remixed by Grouper)
  9. "The Air Force" (Remixed by To Live and Shave in L.A.)

iTunes/eMusic exclusives[edit]

  1. "Apistat Commander" (Covered by Parts & Labor)
  2. "Clowne Towne" (Covered by So So Modern)
  3. "I Broke Up" (Remixed by Kill Me Tomorrow)
  4. "I Love The Valley Oh" (Covered by XO Skeletons)