Remixes (Sebastian album)

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Remix album by SebastiAn
Released September 22, 2008
Genre Electro house, french house
Length 65:15
Label Because Music, Ed Banger
Producer SebastiAn
SebastiAn chronology
Ross Ross Ross
Album cover without the red sleeve.
Album cover without the red sleeve.

Remixes is a compilation of remixes by the French DJ SebastiAn. It was released on September 22, 2008. The compilation was released as a CD, a vinyl record, and digital download. It features remixes made from 2005 to 2008.

Cover Art[edit]

As for any cover art on releases by Ed Banger Records, the design is coordinated by graphic designer So Me.

The CD version is edited in gatefold format, inserted in a red translucent plastic sleeve. The image depicts the drawing of the features of the artist's face in black. When the red sleeve is removed, it then reveals the real papercard cover, which, additionally to the face, features several drawings and commentaries about the album, written in red (which explains why they weren't visible through the sleeve). Some of them include : "Do you think you can handle this?", "Is it a best of ? Well, yes somehow it's true", "Dancefloor fillers... also surprising pop reworks".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Intro" Sebastian Akchoté SebastiAn 0:51
2. "Walking Machine" Asa Cerderqvist / Maria Eilersen / Nandor Hegedüs Revl9n 3:29
3. "Human After All" Thomas Bangalter / Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo Daft Punk 4:44
4. "Paris Four Hundred" Myles MacInnes Mylo 4:25
5. "Get Myself Into It" Gabriel Andruzzi / Luke Jenner / Vito Roccoforte / Matt Safer The Rapture 2:57
6. "Camera" Edward Lay / Russell Leetch / Tom Smith / Chris Urbanowicz Editors 3:14
7. "We Danced Together" Alan Donohoe / Jamie Hornsmith / Lasse Petersen / Matthew Swinnerton The Rakes 3:09
8. "Bossy" Shondrae Crawford / Sean Garrett / Kelis Rogers-Jones / Todd Shaw Kelis 3:18
9. "Cheap and Cheerful" Jamie Hince / Alison Mosshart The Kills 5:52
10. "Testarossa Autodrive" Vincent Belorgey Kavinsky 3:29
11. "Texas" Benjamin Theves Benjamin Theves 5:21
12. "Fool for Love" Niek Meul / Lieven Moors / Reinhard Vanbergen / Bent Van Looy Das Pop 4:53
13. "I Still Remember" Russell Lissack / Gordon Moakes / Kele Okereke / Matt Tong Bloc Party 3:51
14. "Sexual Sportswear" Guy Manuel De Homem-Christo / Sébastien Tellier Sébastien Tellier 3:39
15. "Golden Skans" Jamie Reynolds / James Righton / Simon Taylor-Davis Klaxons 4:31
16. "Happy Without You" Timo Kaukolampi / Anne Strand Annie 5:11
17. "Tous Ces Mots" Géraldine Delacoux / Thierry Gronfier Nâdiya 2:28