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Remote data deletion is the deletion of data from a device such as a laptop in the event that it has been stolen, lost or otherwise compromised.[1]

The software is in constant contact with a secure server to monitor whether it is stolen or not. Should the MCD be reported stolen or lost the server will inform the software installedon the MCD when it checks in and the software will activate the kill sequence without the current users knowledge rendering the MCD inoperable.

3,800 computers go missing each week from Europe's 24 busiest airports. Half are never retrieved. Amsterdam Schiphol loses 750 laptops per week, Paris Charles de Gaulle 733, Gatwick 385. Ponemon Institute LLC Survey 2008

53% of mobile professionals carry confidential company information on their notebook PCs and, of those, 65% don't take steps to protect the data. Dell & Ponemon Institute, Airport Insecurity: the case of lost laptops, June 30, 2008

Lost or stolen laptops and mobile devices are the most frequent cause of a data breach, accounting for 49% of data breaches in 2007. Ponemon Institute, U.S. Costs of a Data Breach, November 2007


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