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Remotec Technology Ltd.
Industry Consumer Electronics
Founded 1988
Headquarters Kowloon, Hong Kong
Products RF Universal Remote Controls, Z-Wave, Firmware & Code Library, OEM/ODM Solutions
Number of employees
50 - April 2010
Website Remotec Technology Ltd.

Remotec is a business-to-business (B2B) provider, operating from Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It was founded in 1988 under the name of Remotec Technology Ltd.[1]



  • 1988 - Launched the first programmable Universal Remote Control (URC)
  • 1989 - Won the "Governor's Award for Industry"
  • 1994 - Received the "Innovative Consumer Electronics Product Award" from Consumer Electronics Show
  • 1996 - The first launch of Radio Frequency (RF) products
  • 2006 – Launched RF 2-way communication remote control
  • 2007 – Opened second office in Shenzhen, China
  • 2009 - Launched their EZ-IR Engine solutions
  • 2010 - Launched their Z-URC (Z-Wave enabled universal remote control) product line


Standard IR URC[edit]

IR URC - Is just a standard universal remote control that is programmable to control the users' other electronic devices (i.e. TV, DVD player, home theater system, cable box, satellite, etc.).

RF URC[edit]

Z-URC - Their new product line provides a combination of RF and IR technologies that enables Z-Wave. With this, it can increase home automation in an integrated network.[2] This mesh network allows the user to use their other Z-Wave enabled devices as Z-Wave extenders by relaying the command via multiple Z-Wave devices [3] and it can command up to 232 Z-Wave enabled devices in its network. It operates in the sub-gigahertz range therefore avoiding interference from common household appliances. Currently, their operating distance with the RF technology is 300 feet in an open area.

Firmware & Code Library[edit]

EZ-IR Engine - It is a remote code library and firmware solution URC. There are 4 different EZ-IR Engine URC models that are available:

  • RT050: comprehensive code library, low cost for dedicated remotes
  • RT100: comprehensive code library, URC
  • RT200: comprehensive code library, URC + learning capabilities
  • RT300: comprehensive code library, URCs with embedded systems (touch screens) + learning capabilities

Their library consists of codes from TV, DVD, VCR, Satellite/Cable Box, CD, LD, A/V Receivers, Tuners and Amplifiers, and Video Recorders. It has a low power 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) based on a turbo 8051 core. It also contains embedded flash memory for both programs and data. Depending on which solution you choose, learning capabilities are available for the end-user.

OEM/ODM Solutions[edit]

Tooling - Standard tooling casings ranges from 4-button remotes to touch screen LCD models.

Custom Tooling - Capable of making custom IR/RF URC remotes.

ASIC Software Development - Can create custom software.

PCB Design - Have the ability to design custom circuit boards, and others.

Industrial Design - Works with a network of professional and specialized design firms.

Custom Packaging - Can do custom artwork, inserts and instruction manuals to put on package options such as gift boxes, clamshells and blister packs.

Full Turnkey Solutions - Can manage whole product line.


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