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Remy Ma

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Remy Ma
Remy Ma at 106 & Park in 2005
Born Reminisce Smith
(1980-05-30) May 30, 1980 (age 36)
Other names The Bx Savior, Queen of NY, Remy Makaveli, Remy Martin, Shesus Khryst
Years active 1998–present
Spouse(s) Papoose (m. 2008–present)
Children 1
Musical career
Origin Castle Hill, Bronx, New York City, New York, U.S
Genres Hip hop, East coast hip hop
Instruments Vocals

Reminisce Mackie (née Smith; May 30, 1980),[1] known professionally as Remy Ma, is a Grammy-nominated American rapper and member of Fat Joe's rap crew, Terror Squad. Ma was featured on the group's hit song "Lean Back" from their second album True Story and M.O.P.'s "Ante Up (Remix)". Her debut solo album, There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story, was released on February 7, 2006.

She has won two Vibe awards, two Source awards, a BET award for "Best Female Hip Hop", from three nominations in that category. Remy cites Big Punisher and Roxanne Shante as her biggest influences.[2] In 2007 Smith was convicted of intentional assault after shooting a member of her entourage, and sentenced to eight years in the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. She lost an appeal in 2011 and was released on parole on August 1, 2014.[3]

In 2011, Remy Ma's music was featured and discussed in a documentary, Black Lifestyle in Japan, where she was praised for looking "stylish" and outlined as one of the most frequently listened to hip-hop musicians in Japan, amongst younger women.[4] In 2015, Remy Ma joined the cast of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New York for its sixth season. She received two Grammy-nominations for her 2016 single "All the Way Up".


Remy Ma grew up in Castle Hill Projects in the Bronx, New York, and often saw the consequences and terrors of her family's drug abuse with her own eyes. She was forced to take care of her little brothers and sisters at a young age and retreated from her home issues by writing poetry. Her reputation quickly grew around the Bronx and word eventually got to the late MC Big Pun of her and her work. After one meeting and a freestyle session, Pun immediately became her mentor.[2] Ma made her first appearances in the music industry on Big Pun's album Yeeeah Baby (under the name Remy Martin) on the tracks "Ms. Martin" and "You Was Wrong".[5]

After the death of Big Pun, rapper Fat Joe signed Smith to his imprint label under SRC and Universal and made her a member of Terror Squad. Following the success of Lean Back, which garnered Remy a Grammy nomination, Remy Ma released three singles from her debut album There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story; "Whuteva", "Conceited" and "Feels So Good". The album moved 37,000 units in its opening week and 158,000 units within the first year. The album received reviews from XXL Magazine with XL to Rolling Stone and Vibe Magazine.

In 2008, Papoose and his cousin stated that he and Remy Ma were to be married, but due to Ma's impending prison sentence of potentially up to 15–25 years, the couple had changed their plans and intended to marry in her jail instead.[6] Papoose whiled off in jail, but the wedding was called off for one day after he allegedly attempted to smuggle a key into the jail on their wedding day in May 2008. After the incident, Ma married Papoose the next day inside the courtroom right before sentencing and he was barred from visiting her for six months. Remy provided updates posted via her official Twitter and MySpace pages.[citation needed] She was released in 2014.[7]

Remy Ma released the single "All the Way Up" in 2016 with Fat Joe. The song entered the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for two Grammy Awards.[8]

Reality show, second album and supergroup

In 2015, Remy Ma joined the cast of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New York for its sixth season.[9]

Via Hiphop Wired, Fat Joe revealed that he and Remy Ma[10] are releasing a joint album. He said "Me and Remy just wrapped up a new album, Just Me and Remy. I'm super excited about that. The album is ridiculous. So we've been working musically like crazy.[10]" He reported the first single would be “All The Way Up" and will feature French Montana.[10] They have shot the video and it was released on February 3, 2016.[10] Fat Joe could not explain what the album would be called saying :"I have the title, but we're trying to see if we can legally use the title."[10] On March 2, 2016 in an article with Darryl Robertson of, Fat Joe and Remy Ma stated the joint album would be titled "Plata O Plomo",[11] which translates from Spanish to "silver or lead", meaning "money or bullets". The phrase was used by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar who would offer government officials and law enforcement the choice of taking a bribe, or having a murder contract placed against them.[12][13]

She is also recording her sophomore album Seven Winters & Six Summers as well as her third album PunisHer. Also in the works is Remy Ma's debut album as part of the all-female rap supergroup 3Sum, alongside female rappers Shawnna and Jacki-O.[14]

Legal issues

On July 13, 2007, Smith turned herself in to New York City police in relation to a shooting early that morning outside a Manhattan Delicatessen. Police say that while she was with a group of people outside the Pizza Bar, a Manhattan nightspot, a verbal confrontation broke out at 4 a.m. During the entire incident, a gunshot to the torso wounded Makeeda Barnes-Joseph, who has been accused of stealing one thousand dollars from Remy.[15] Police sources indicate that Barnes-Joseph later identified Smith as the shooter.[16] Security tapes from inside the club showed no evidence of any altercations or arguments. Smith pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder, assault, and criminal weapon possession.[17]

Smith was later charged with witness tampering and assault after an August 2007 incident in which she was accused of causing several male friends to attack a witness's boyfriend.[18]

On March 27, 2008, Smith was convicted of assault, illegal weapon possession and attempted coercion in connection with these charges. She was immediately taken into custody pending sentencing scheduled for May 13. She was acquitted of witness tampering and gang assault, charges which involved the purported intimidation of the boyfriend of a witness.[19] At her sentencing, the judge noted her disregard for the victim following the shooting—commenting that the rapper rifled through the victim's purse looking for the alleged stolen money, as Barnes-Joseph sat seriously wounded in the car. Smith then exited the vehicle, jumped into a waiting car and drove off, leaving Barnes-Joseph bleeding in the front seat. No money was found in Barnes-Joseph's purse.

The shooting caused Barnes-Joseph to undergo several surgeries. Allegedly, she still experiences numbness in both legs and digestive problems as a result of the damage the bullet did to her intestines. In 2007, Barnes-Joseph filed an $80 million civil lawsuit against Smith for damages, along with pain and suffering. According to her lawyers, Smith was serving an eight-year term at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Bedford Hills, New York located in Westchester County and was expected to be released in 2015. Remy married her fiancee, rapper Papoose, while incarcerated in May 2008.[20][21]

Smith wrote a letter to her fans via Global Grind in Late 2009 stating "I really miss everything but I especially can't wait to get back in the studio and touring again, I've been writing like crazy," she wrote in a blog entry. "First off I'd like to send love to C-Murder, his family and children...Some people are aware, but I realize that a lot of people don't know that I have a son. He just turned 9 years old and I was able to celebrate his birthday with him and Pap, they stayed with me for 5 days and 4 nights. We had so much fun. I cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I baked cookies, cakes, and banana pudding. We watched movies, played board games and took a lot of pictures...I just want to say that I so love the 'Wendy Williams Show.' I try to watch it. I love watching the videos that are sent in of little kids saying 'How You Doin?' I couldn't pay my son to do that! I have to go on her show though when I get home.", which, ultimately she did when she appeared on the 'Wendy Williams Show' on October 14, 2014.[citation needed]

During an interview with Hot 97 host Funkmaster Flex in July 2012, Remy Ma announced that in 22 1/2 months she would be released.[22] In February 2014, her husband Papoose confirmed that Remy should be released during July 2014.[23] On August 1, 2014 Remy Ma was released from prison after serving six years.[24]


Foxy Brown

A beef between Remy Ma and Foxy Brown originated in August 2004, when an interviewer noted to Remy: "Right now, it’s a lack of female rappers in the game. Foxy don't got anything going on," Remy Ma responded: "How do I feel about them? Stay wherever they at, don't drop a song, don't do nothing, let me be the only one. I'm having so much fun. I hope they never come out [...] Nah, I wish everyone the best of luck. Just don’t drop when I drop. That’s all I got to say. Matter of fact, just don’t drop at all. It’ll even be better."[25] In September 2004, Remy recalled that after a rap battle with Lady Luck at Fight Klub, her refusal to "show some type of seniority or respect" to Brown became one of the building blocks in the feud.[26][27] Remy also recalled that during the incident the two were arguing over a future rap battle, where Brown declined and allegedly stated, "What? A battle? That's for beginners. We sell records in Brooklyn!"[26][27][28][29] Remy dissed the rapper, responding, "When the last time you sold a record? Get the fuck out of here [...] I'd rather be a beginner that's on fire than be a washed-up veteran. Are you fucking serious? Don't try to degrade what I do."[26][27] Remy additionally revealed that a prize of over $200,000 was offered to whoever won the rap battle.[28][29]

Another building block to the feud was Remy's recollection of her and Brown coincidentally being interviewed at the same events either "before or after" each other, where she would catch wind of Brown "subliminally" dissing her by making statements like: "I've been doing this for years. These new chicks, they['re] not on [my level]."[26][27][29] In another event, specifically a Baby Phat after-party, Foxy Brown intentionally tried to bump into Remy.[28][29] The occurrence resulted in strands of Brown's weave getting caught in Remy's bracelet, causing Remy to snatch her wrist back and yank out the strands.[28][29] Remy recalled that Brown in response "kept it moving [despite a scuffle] she had with 'regular' girls in a bathroom [over cutting in line]."[28][29]

In late January 2005, Remy Ma reportedly punched Foxy Brown inside Island Def Jam/Universal offices,[30] roughly a few days after Brown "subliminally" dissed Remy during a venue at Jay-Z's Best of Both Worlds Tour and allegedly dissed her during a Hot 97 interview segment with DJ Clue, where Brown dissed Remy on a mixtape track ("We Hustlaz") and allegedly ranted: "Who drives 645's? That's wack [...] We sell records [in New York]. We don't just get on the radio station and pop shit."[26][27][31] In February 2006, Remy Ma released a freestyle record ("Most Anticipated") that contained "slick comments" about Brown's hearing problem, and stated that she didn't care if it was offensive because "it was just good punchlines".[32] In September 2006, Remy again joked about Brown's hearing, addressing to a radio show: " Foxy suddenly got her hearing back, [I] wanted to be the first to inform her that she's wack and old."[33]

In July 2007, during her interview with Sub 0 Magazine, Foxy Brown dissed Remy Ma, stating: "When you lookin' at Fox[y] and Kim and sayin', 'Damn y'all make me wanna rap.' Well shit you disappointing me 'cause you sound horrible. You look horrible, ya sound horrible. If it walk like somethin', talk like somethin', act like somethin', then it is somethin'."[34][35] Brown also dissed Remy's recollection of their disagreement over the rap battle, addressing: "Some of these female rappers have the wrong approach, they wanna be my friend. And instead of approaching me like, 'Hey, how you doing', another chick [Remy], 'Yo, what up with that battle?' And I'm lookin' at her like, 'You bum ass. Naw, I don't do that, I'm a business woman baby.'"[34] In December 2007, Remy spoke more candidly on her dispute with Brown.[36] She confirmed that although she disliked Brown as a person, she admitted she liked Brown's music and added that she was influenced by her and Lil' Kim.[36] Remy later concluded her take on the feud by giving a shout-out to Brown's rival Jacki-O and stating, "If you look at every female that came out after [Foxy Brown] or when she came out with [Lil'] Kim, to Eve, me, Jacki-O, it even got to Latifah, like how do you [get in a fight] with Queen Latifah? Like, are you serious? This chick is a problem."[26][27]

Nicki Minaj

Disagreements between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj originated in 2007, when Remy took note of Minaj's freestyle record, nicknamed "Dirty Money",[37] from her mixtape Playtime Is Over (2007).[38][39] In the record, Minaj recites: "Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown/she won three rounds, I'ma need a hundred thou/like 'Chinatown' — bitches better bow down/oh you ain’t know, betcha bitches know now/fuck I got a gun — let her know that I’m the one".[39] When the two encountered each other at an industry party, Remy asked Minaj who she was dissing in the song.[40] Nicki Minaj reportedly never confirmed or denied that the song was about Remy,[39] however Remy Ma remarked in a 2010 interview, "To this day I still feel like [the song] is a stab at me; I'm gonna [diss Minaj] back for that one".[39][40]

On December 18, 2007, a viral video surfaced via the internet featuring an alleged Nicki Minaj dressed in male attire dissing Remy Ma and admitting to having a previous sexual relationship with the rapper by remarking: "I used to [date] her, straight off. This is not a stunt [...] I just told you, [Remy Ma] ate the box."[41][42] Roughly three years following the video's release, Remy Ma confirmed in an interview that she had "doubts" that the woman in the video was actually Nicki Minaj and explained that she was not gay and never dated Minaj.[42][43] Since 2011, Remy Ma has stated that she supports Nicki Minaj and her success,[44][45] but has added that she is going to be "a problem" to Minaj once she would be released from prison.[44] On February 25, 2017, Remy Ma released the song "ShETHER" to her SoundCloud account,[46] after Minaj recently threw shots in the songs Swalla and Make Love towards Remy Ma.[47]


Solo studio albums

Collaborative albums


Year Title Role Notes
2015–present Love & Hip Hop: New York Herself Main Cast
2016 Inside the Label (with Terror Squad) Herself


  • Remy Ma: From the Grind to the Glamour (2006)
  • Shesus Khryst (2007)


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