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Abundance and Liberality by René-Antoine Houasse (1683). Palace of Versailles. Grand Appartement du Roi: Abundance Drawing-Room; painting of the ceiling

René-Antoine Houasse (c. 1645–1710) was a decorative French painter.

He was a pupil of Charles Le Brun, under whose direction he worked at the Manufacture des Gobelins, and with whom he worked on the decoration of the Château de Versailles. He was the director of the French Academy in Rome from 1699 to 1704. His son was Michel Ange Houasse, a painter of genre scenes.

He painted an entire series of paintings depicting various myths involving the Graeco-Roman goddess Athena/Minerva.

Major paintings[edit]

  • Allegory of the Royal Magnificence (1678)
  • Ceiling paintings in the salon de l’Abondance, Versailles
  • Salon de Venus, Versailles
  • Terror, Fear and Fright, Salon de Mars, Versailles
  • Morpheus & Iris, (1688), Trianon
  • Cyane turned into a fountain 1688, Trianon
  • Minerva teaching the Rhodians sculpture, 1688, Versailles


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