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René Berger (April 29, 1915, Brussels – January 29, 2009, Lausanne) was a Swiss writer, philosopher and a historian of art.


Principal publications[edit]

  • Découverte de la peinture (1958, reedited in 1969)
  • Connaissance de la peinture (1963)
  • Art et communication (1972)
  • La mutation des signes (1972)
  • La téléfission, alerte à la télévision (1976)
  • L'effet des changements technologiques (1983)
  • Jusqu'où ira votre ordinateur? L'imaginaire programmé (1987)
  • Téléovision, le nouveau Golem (1991)
  • L'origine du futur (1996)
  • René Berger. L'art vidéo, François Bovier, Adeena Mey (eds.) (2014)

Several of those have been translated into English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic and Japanese.

Berger made numerous contributions to magazines and reviews. He also produced radio and television programs. He participated regularly in many international conferences, congresses. juries, seminars and colloquia. Berger pursued research in new technologies as they relate to our emerging technoculture.

He won numerous international awards, among them the Golden Laser (Locarno, 1987) and the Picasso Medal (UNESCO, 1989).

Berger was the father of Jacques-Édouard Berger, who predeceased him in 1993 and in whose memory he established the Jacques-Édouard Berger Foundation.

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