René Cavalero

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René Cavalero
Personal information
Born 20 November 1917
Died 27 November 2008 (aged 91)
Sport Swimming
Club CN Paris

René Cavalero (20 November 1917 – 27 November 2008)[1] was a French swimmer who won a silver medal in the 4 × 200 m freestyle relay at the 1938 European Aquatics Championships.[2] He finished fourth in the same event at the 1936 Summer Olympics.[3]

He also played water polo with the team Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille.[4] In 1941, he invented the underwater speargun Champion, which soon became popular and was produced by his company Cavalero; its U. S. Cavalero Corp. branch was registered in 1975 in California. After several decades of competition the company was absorbed by Beuchat in 1992.[1][5][6]


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