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René Lévesque was a Canadian television miniseries that aired on CBC Television in 2006. It stars Emmanuel Bilodeau as former-Quebec premier René Lévesque.

Plot and production[edit]

The series dramatized Lévesque as a journalist who eventually becomes the leader of the Parti Québécois. A journalist, Bilodeau, plays Lévesque, and it has been noted that Bilodeau had met the real Lévesque before the former-premier's death.[1] The series was viewed as "part of CBC's high-impact programming strategy."[2]


One newspaper said Bilodeau had a "remarkable" similarity to Lévesque in appearance;[3] however, another critic complained of "meandering looks at dubious 'icons' like separatist René Lévesque."[4] The series was considered a ratings flop since it drew only 131,000 viewers. It was thus seen as being among a few disappointments for the CBC in 2006, along with the documentary Hockey: A People's History and the television series What It's Like Being Alone.[2]

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