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Rene Liu
Rene Liu.jpg
Rene Liu in 2008
Born (1970-06-01) 1 June 1970 (age 49)
Alma materCalifornia State University, Fullerton
OccupationSinger, songwriter, actress, writer, film director
Years active1994-present
Zhong Shi (m. 2011)
Awards35th Golden Bell Awards
2000 Best ActressMother Living in the Cross

Hong Kong Film AwardsBest Supporting Actress
2003Double Vision

Golden Bauhinia AwardsBest Actress
2005 A World Without Thieves

Golden Horse AwardsSpecial Jury Award
1998 The Personals

Hundred Flowers AwardsBest Actress
2006 A World Without Thieves

Shanghai Television FestivalBest Actress
2007 New Wedding Era

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Musical career
Also known asLiu Jo-ying
奶茶 (Nǎichá; milk tea)
LabelsRock Records

Liu Jo-ying (born 1 June 1970),[1][2][3] better known as Rene Liu in English, is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, actress, director and writer.[4] In the Sinophone world, Liu is widely known by her affectionate nickname "Milk Tea".[5][6]

She has released 20 albums[7] since 1995 and held hundreds of solo concerts worldwide. She has also had a remarkable acting career, having won numerous awards throughout Asia including Best Actress twice at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival.


Studio albums[edit]

  • 1995: Beauty and Sadness (少女小漁的美麗與哀愁)
  • 1995: Rainy Season (雨季)
  • 1996: Walk Around  (到處亂走)
  • 1998: Love You So Much (很愛很愛你)
  • 2000: I'll Wait for You (我等你)
  • 2001: Time (年華)
  • 2001: Gain (收穫)
  • 2002: Love and the City
  • 2003: Rock Records Hong Kong 10th Anniversary - Rene Liu Greatest Hits (滾石香港黃金十年:劉若英精選)
  • 2003: My Failures and Glory (我的失敗與偉大)
  • 2004: Heard? (聽說?)
  • 2005: One Whole Night (一整夜)  
  • 2008: Rene
  • 2008: I'm Fine (我很好)
  • 2010: Together (在一起)
  • 2013: For The Loved (親愛的路人)
  • 2015: Wish You Well (我要你好好的)

Soundtrack albums[edit]

  • 2004: 20 30 40 (《20.30.40愛得精采》 電影原聲帶)
  • 2007: Happy Birthday (《生日快樂》 電影原聲帶)
  • 2008: Run Papa Run (《一個好爸爸》 電影原聲帶)


  • 2011: 沒有旋律配得上你 (featuring Yen-j)
  • 2014: 半路
  • 2015: 我敢在你懷裡孤獨
  • 2016: 十年後 ("After 10 Years")
  • 2016: 你有沒有深愛過
  • 2017: 粉絲 ("Vermicelli")



Year English title Original title Role Notes
1995 Peony Pavilion 我的美麗與哀愁 Liu Yu-mei
Siao Yu 少女小漁 Lin Siao-yu
Don't Cry, Nanking 南京1937 Shuqin
1996 Tonight Nobody Goes Home 今天不回家 Xiaoqi
Accidental Legend 飛天
Red Persimmon 紅柿子 Wang Kuang-hui Cameo
Thunder Cop 新喋血雙雄/ 狹路險情 Liu Mei-ying
1997 Murmur of Youth 美麗在唱歌 Chen Mei-li
A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation 小倩 Xiaodie Mandarin dub
1998 The Personals 征婚啟事 Dr. Du Jia-zhen
2000 Fleeing by Night 夜奔 Wei Ying-er Also known as Feeling by Night
2001 Migratory Bird 侯鳥 Chen Fang-ning
X-Roads 新十字街頭 Yang Shao
2002 Double Vision 雙瞳 Ching-fang
2004 A World Without Thieves 天下無賊 Wang Li
20 30 40 20:30:40 Xiang Xiang
The Butterfly Lovers 蝴蝶夢-梁山伯與祝英台 Zhu Yingtai Voice
2007 Kidnap 綁架 Inspector Ho Yuan-chun
The Matrimony 心中有鬼 Sansan
Happy Birthday 生日快樂 Mi
2008 Run Papa Run 一個好爸爸 Mabel Chan
2010 Hot Summer Days 全城熱戀 Li Yan
2011 Speed Angels 極速天使 Han Bing
Mayday 3DNA 3DNA: 五月天 3D 演唱會電影 Xiao Nai
Love in Space 全球熱戀 Rose Huang
Mr. and Mrs. Single 隱婚男女 Mandy
Starry Starry Night 星空 Mei's mother
2017 Love Education 相愛相親 Mrs. Wang Cameo
2018 Us and Them 後來的我們 N/A Director

Television series[edit]

Year English title Original title Role Notes
1996 Sunset in Forbidden City 日落紫禁城 Shanggong Yiner
Cracker N/A Su Lin Tang Series 4, episode "White Ghost"
2000 April Rhapsody 人間四月天 Zhang Youyi
Daily Growing 住在十字架裡的母親 Hsia Bi-he
2002 Hot Ladies 澀女郎 Fang Hsiao-ping
2003 Si Shui Nian Hua 似水年華 Ying
2004 The Legend of Eileen Chang 她從海上來 - 張愛玲傳奇 Eileen Chang
Double Sounding Cannon 雙響炮 Sherry
2006 New Age Of Marriage 新結婚時代 Gu Xiaoxi
2014 He and His Sons 半路父子 Jiang Xin

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1995 32nd Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actress Siao Yu Nominated
Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Actress Won
1997 Tokyo International Film Festival Best Actress Murmur of Youth Won
1998 35th Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actress The Personals Nominated
Special Jury Award Won
Taipei Film Awards Best Actress Won
2000 Paris Film Festival Press Award-Special Mention Won
1999 Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Actress Won
2000 35th Golden Bell Awards Best Actress Daily Growing Won
2003 22nd Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress Double Vision Won
Asian Film Critics Association Awards Best Supporting Actress Won
2004 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Best Actress 20 30 40 Nominated
2005 10th Golden Bauhinia Awards Best Actress A World Without Thieves Won
5th Chinese Film Media Awards Best Actress Won
12th Beijing College Student Film Festival Best Actress Nominated
2006 28th Hundred Flowers Awards Best Actress Won
2007 26th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Happy Birthday Nominated
Best Original Film Song Happy Birthday - "Happy Birthday"
(as performer)
26th Golden Rooster Awards Best Actress Kidnap Nominated
44th Golden Horse Awards Best Leading Actress Nominated
12th Golden Bauhinia Awards Best Actress Nominated
13th Shanghai Television Festival Best Actress New Age Of Marriage Won
2008 27th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Kidnap Nominated
Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards Most Charismatic Actress Won
2016 35th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Original Film Song Murmur of the Hearts - "Murmur of the Hearts"
(as performer)
2018 55th Golden Horse Awards Best New Director Us and Them Nominated
Best Adapted Screenplay Nominated


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