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René Simon (1898 in Troyes – 1971), was a French actor and founder in 1925 of the Cours Simon drama school in Paris.[1][2]


  1. ^ Plays and Players Volume 8 1960 "RENE SIMON is the King of the Cours Simon, 36 Boulevard des Invalides in Paris, where he has reigned for 35 years. ... René Simon says from the beginning: "One does not learn to be an actor — one is born an actor." "
  2. ^ C. G. Crisp -The Classic French Cinema: 1930 - 1960 - 1993 Page 154- "But during the thirties and particularly the forties, it was the Cours René Simon that was most prestigious. ... He had himself come through the Bauer-Thérond course and the Conservatoire and had been a successful actor in the Comédie ..."

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