Renée Lamberet

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Renée Lamberet
Renée Lamberet - 1938.jpg
Lamberet, circa 1938
Born 4 October 1901
Died 12 March 1980(1980-03-12) (aged 78)
Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France
Occupation historian, professor, and anarchist revolutionary

Renée Lamberet (4 October 1901 – 12 March 1980) was a French anarchist historian.


Lamberet was born in a family of free thinkers. As a young professor of history and geography, she collaborated with the historian Max Nettlau, notably producing the work "The First International in Spain (1868-1888)".[1]

During the Spanish Revolution of 1936, she fostered intense activity under the auspices of the Solidaridad Internacional Antifascista (SIA), aiding to develop the "Spartaco" children's colony to host refugee children from Basque Country, Asturias and the front in Madrid.

During this period, she contributed to Spain and the World, published by London's Freedom Press .[2]

Organiser of the Anarchist Federation[edit]

After the close of World War II, she aided in the refounding of the Anarchist Federation in France.


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