René-Lévesque generating station

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Location Manicouagan Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada
Construction began 1970
Opening date 1976
Dam and spillways
Impounds Manicouagan River
Height 94 m
Length 773 m (395 + 378)
Width (base) 732 m
Creates Reservoir Manic-3
Surface area 236 km²

The René-Lévesque generating station, formerly known as Manic-3, is a hydroelectricity generating station located 75 km from Baie-Comeau built on Manicouagan River between 1970 and 1976. On June 22, 2010, the dam and the generating station were renamed to honor former Quebec premier René Lévesque, who was minister of Hydraulic resources during the construction of the complex and became premier of Quebec in 1976.[1]


René-Lévesque is a two dam complex. The east dam is a gravity "hollow type" made of concrete with a spillway, the dam is 71 m high and 378 m long. The west dam is a sand and rockfill type with clay inside, long of 395 m and 107 m with base width of 732 m. The Manic-3 reservoir is 70 km long and 202 m higher than sea level. The complex has six Francis turbines installed in an underground power station for a total capacity of 1,244 megawatts.

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