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For the former American Mexican Mafia member, see Rene Enriquez (mobster).
René Enríquez
Born November 24, 1933
Granada, Nicaragua
Died March 23, 1990 (age 56)
Tarzana, California
Cause of death
Pancreatic cancer
Resting place

René Enríquez (November 24, 1933 – March 23, 1990) was a Nicaraguan-born American television actor of the 1970s and 1980s. He may be best-remembered for his role as Héctor in the 1985 TV movie "Hostage Flight" ,Lt. Ray Calletano in the long-running television series Hill Street Blues (1981–1987).[1][2]

He died of pancreatic cancer on March 23, 1990, the first of two Hill Street Blues stars to die that year. Kiel Martin succumbed to lung cancer on December 28.


  1. ^ Rafael J. Rivera Viruet, Max Resto Hollywood-- Se Habla Español - 2008 Page 136 "yet not forgotten, are character actors René Enríquez, who began his film career in Woody Allen's hilarious comedy Bananas and who enjoyed a long and productive career in television, including Hill Street Blues"
  2. ^ Douglas Heil Prime Time Authorship: Works About and by Three TV Dramatists 2002 - Page 298 "As Calletano, Rene Enriquez was just wonderful. He knocked us out at the first reading when he auditioned. We were laughing, and we hadn't realized we had insulted him. He thought we were laughing at him, as opposed to the fact that he ..."

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