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Ren Baige (Chinese: 任白戈) (1906–1986) was a People's Republic of China politician. He was born in Nanchong, Sichuan Province. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1926. He later joined the League of Left-Wing Writers. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, he was in Yan'an. He was vice governor of Sichuan Province, mayor and Communist Party of China Committee Secretary of Chongqing.[1]

Preceded by
Yan Hongyan
Communist Party Chief of Chongqing Succeeded by
Lan Yinong
Preceded by
Cao Diqiu
Mayor of Chongqing Succeeded by
Lan Yinong
Preceded by
Du Xinyuan
CPPCC Committee Chairman of Sichuan Succeeded by
Yang Chao


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