Ren Jiyu

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任继愈 (Ren Jiyu)
Born April 15, 1916
Pingyuan County, Shandong Province, China
Died July 11, 2009
Beijing, China
Nationality  China
Occupation National Library of China
Known for Chinese librarian

Ren Jiyu (Chinese: 任继愈; born April 15, 1916 - died July 11, 2009) in Pingyuan County, Shandong Province was a philosopher, scholar in religious studies, historian, member of the Chinese Communist Party, and honorary director of the National Library of China. He died at 4:30 on July 11, 2009 in Beijing, at the age of 93.

Main Works[edit]

  • Collection of Buddhist Thinking during the Han and Tang Dynasties, 1963
  • A History of Chinese Philosophy (ed.), 4 vols., 1963
  • A brief History of Chinese Philosophy, 1973
  • History of the Development of Chinese Philosophy, 1983
  • Chinese Daoist Philosophers, 1990
  • Mozi and Mohist, 1994, reprinted 2009