Rena Dor

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Rena Dor
Ρένα Ντορ
Born Irini Giannatou
Patras, Greece
Died March 5, 2000
Athens, Greece
Occupation actress

Rena Dor (Greek: Ρένα Ντορ; 1917 – March 5, 2000) was a Greek actress and a singer. She was the wife of Kostas Hadjihristos.

She was born Irini Giannatou (Ειρήνη Γιαννάτου) in Patras in 1917 and died in Athens on March 5, 2000. She is buried at Athens First Cemetery. She entered the musical theatre. Companioned her lift that she had other actors such as Alekos Leivaditis. She was orphaned from age four and had only nine sisters. She first played for her first time at 113, mainly as a dancer with Zozo Dalma in a periodical that performed in Egypt. Her first theatrical work along with Marika Krevata and Mimi Kokkini and in 1954 with Krevata, Rena Vlachopoulou. She awarded herseft the Panathinaia (Pan-Athenian awards) for her totaling her presentation in the dancing. Her last appearance was in 1978 at the Minoa theatre with N. Eleftheriou Ti Kostakis, ti Antdikos ta plironei o laoutzikos (Τι Κωστάκης, τι Αντρίκος, τα πληρώνει ο λαουτζίκος)



Year Film Transliteration and translation Role
1938 Arravon met' embodion Αρραβών μετ' εμποδίων -
1957 O tzitzikas ki o mermigkas Ο τζίτζικας κι ο μέρμηγκας (The Cricket and the Ant) -
1962 I Ellinida kai o erotas Η Ελληνίδα και ο έρωτας Marika
1963 Treli politelias Τρελοί πολυτελείας Theano


Year Film Transliteration and translation
1935 Yfipourgos Υφυπουργός
1945 Blue and White Μπλε και Ασπρο (Ble ke aspro)
1954 Blue Roses Μπλε Τριαντάφυλλα (Ble triandafila)
1959 Nychtoloulouda Νυχτολούλουδα
1959 Edo Athinai Εδώ Αθήναι, literally Here in Athens
1960 O Nymfaios erchetai Ο Νυμφαίος έρχεται
1960 Ferry Boat Φέρρυ μπωτ
1960 Glykia Athina Γλυκιά Αθήνα (Sweet Athens)
1960 Roses For Those Τριαντάφυλλα για σας (Triantafylla gia sas)
1961 Beethoven and Bouzouki Μπετόβεν και μπουζούκι (Beethoven kai bouzouki)
1961 Dolce Vita in Athens Ντόλτσε βίτα στην Αθήνα (Dolce vita stin Athina)
1966 Circus in Greece Τσίρκο η Ελλάς (Tsirko i Ellas)
1968 Marriage of the Century Ο γάμος του αιώνος (O gamos tou eonos)
1969 Edo tha gelasete Εδώ θα γελάσετε
1978 Ti Kostakis, ti Antrikos, ta plironti o laoutzikos Τι Κωστάκης, τι Αντρίκος, τα πληρώνει ο λαουτζίκος (What Kostakis, What Andrikos, For Paying The Lute Player

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