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Rena Murakami
Born (1967-11-25) November 25, 1967 (age 48)[1]
Tokyo, Japan
Other names Tomoko Ino
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.59 m (5 ft 2 12 in)

Rena Murakami (村上 麗奈 Murakami Rena?, Cantonese Yale: Chyun1 Seung5 Lai6 Noi6) is a Japanese actress and former AV idol.

Life and career[edit]

After beginning her career as a gravure idol, Murakami made her adult video (AV) debut in the March 1988 h.m.p. Miss Christine release, Hatsujō Kansen (発情感染?).[2] In December of her debut year she also had a role in Toei's mainstream drama release, Koiko no mainichi (恋子の毎日?).[3]

In addition to continuing her AV career, Murakami had another role in a mainstream drama, appearing in Bandai Visual's Shin dōtei monogatari: Hong Kong virgin boy (新・童貞物語 ホンコンバージンボーイ?) in March 1990.[4] Also in 1990 she appeared in pioneering pink film director/producer Kan Mukai's Code Name 348: Onna keiji sashiba (コードネーム348 女刑事 サシバ?).[5] Also during this period, she had roles in a number of softcore V-Cinema films.[6]

Following her adult videos' popularity in Hong Kong, she moved there around 1990 or 1991 to work as a stripper.[7] She then shifted to cinema. Her first film of success was Category III classic Sex and Zen in 1991. In a review of the DVD release of Sex and Zen, a reviewer described her as one of "Asian cinema's most beautiful actresses".[8] Around 1993, she moved back to Japan. She worked at the famous Asakusa strip theatre Rokku-za (ロック座). She caused a minor scandal when news leaked that she had sex with the Sultan of Brunei during his visit to Japan in 1993.[9][10]

In 1997 she produced and starred in the pink film Murakami Rena: kyūkyoku meigizuma (村上麗奈 究極名器妻?), through Runa Films.[11][12] The film was distributed theatrically by XCes, scripted by pink film actress Kiyomi Itō, and directed by Satoru Kobayashi,[13] director of the first pink film, Flesh Market (1962).[14] The film was re-issued in June 2003 as 村上麗奈 極上けいれん妻.[15] More recently, Murakami had a small part in the November 2008 Japanese comedy, Serial Dad (小森生活向上クラブ Komori seikatsu kōjō kurabu?).[16]

Partial filmography[edit]

Adult Videos (AV)[edit]

Title[17] Release date Director Studio Notes
Hatsujō Kansen
1988-03 h.m.p. Miss Christine AV Debut
私小説 彩られた肉肌
1988-06-17 VIP
Rena Murakami Final Ecstacy
村上麗奈ラスト・インサート 東京淫女
1988 Ryuichi Hiroki Athena Eizou
Completely Lewd
1989-01-10 Alice Japan
Reiko Kiyomi Rena - Triple Horny Girls Can Not Be Patient
レイコ・清美・麗奈のガマンできない娘たち トリプルエッチ
1989 h.m.p. Miss Christine
With Reiko Hayama & Kiyomi Azuma
Rena Murakami[18]
1993 Hong Kong
Kozenwaisetsu 4 Rena Murakami
口全ワイセツ 4 村上麗奈
1993 h.m.p. Samm
History of Rena Murakami[19]
2006-09-22 Taro Matsumoto Atlas21
Compilation of two of her VIP videos from 1988

Hong Kong films[edit]

Title[20] Release date Director Studio Notes
Hidden Desire
1991-11-15 Ho Fan
Golden Harvest
Sex and Zen
1991-11-30 Michael Mak Golden Harvest
Escape from Brothel
1992-02-29 Wang Lung-wei Chinachem Cinema Circuit
Unforgetful Holiday
1992-10-01 Sherman Wong
All Over the World
1993-01-07 Regal
1/3 Lover
1993 Tommy Wong
Released in Japan as KEDAMONO 獣
Dream Lovers

Japanese V-cinema and films[edit]

Title[21] Release date Director Studio Notes
Koiko no mainichi
1988-12-17 Kanji Amao
Strawberry Times 2: Santa ga koishi niyattekita
ストロベリータイムス2 サンタが恋しにやってきた
1989-11 Kazuhiro Onohara Bandai Visual V-Cinema
Shin dōtei monogatari: Hong Kong virgin boy
新・童貞物語 ホンコンバージンボーイ
1990-03-10 Tomioka Tadahumi Bandai Visual
Code Name 348: Onna keiji sashiba
コードネーム348 女刑事 サシバ
1990-12-10 Kan Mukai Shochiku Video V-Cinema
Kyonyū Hunter 2: Adventure Summer
巨乳ハンター2 アドベンチャー・サマー
1990-12-25 Toshio Kobayashi Tohokushinsha Film V-Cinema
Murakami Rena: kyūkyoku meigizuma
村上麗奈 究極名器妻  レナ・フィルム
1997-08-01 Satoru Kobayashi Runa Films
produced and starred
Serial Dad
Komori seikatsu kōjō kurabu
2008-11-08 Ikki Katashima Phantom Film

Magazine appearances[edit]

  • Goro[22]
    • November 24, 1988 (#23, nude, with Reiko Hayama)
    • December 8, 1988 (#24, nude)
  • Heibon Punch[23]
    • May 5, 1988 (4 p., nude)
  • Weekly Playboy
    • 1988[24]
      • April 5, 1988 (5 p., nude)
      • July 19, 1988 (3 p., swimming suit)
      • September 20, 1988 (4p., nude)
    • 1989[25]
      • March 21, 1989 (6 p., nude)
      • August 15, 1989 (7 p., nude)
    • 1992[26]
      • November 24, 1992 (nude)





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