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The Renault Arkana is an upcoming compact (C-segment) crossover produced by Renault.[1] It would initially be assembled by Renault Russia at its Moscow plant[2][3] and its unveiling took place at the 2018 Moscow International Automobile Salon through a near-production showcar. The car has a coupe-like styling.[4][5][6] It will be built on the Renault B0+ platform, a heavily revised variant of the B0 platform used by models such as the Kaptur and Duster.[5][6] Sales would start in 2019.[2]The C-segment Arkana, which measures in at 4,543 mm long, 2,047 mm wide, 2,721 mm wheelbase and 1,576 mm tall.

Renault Arkana at Moscow International Motor Show 2018


Renault said the name derives from the Latin arcanum, meaning secret.[2]

XM3 Inspire[edit]

A showcar based on the Arkana, the XM3 Inspire, was introduced by Renault subsidiary Renault Samsung Motors and unveiled at the 2019 Seoul Motor Show. The main differences with the Arkana are a redesigned front grill, a different colour scheme and a revised bodywork.[7]


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