Renault Cléon-Alu engine

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Renault Cléon-Alu engine
Alpine Renault A110 'Berlinette' - Flickr - exfordy.jpg
Manufacturer Renault
Combustion chamber
Configuration inline-four
Successor Renault F-Type engine

The Cléon-Alu engine, also known under the code "A engine " or "A-Type" (A for aluminium) is an automotive internal combustion gasoline engine, developed and produced by Renault in 1960. A four-stroke inline four-cylinder design with aluminium-alloy block and cylinder-head, it was water cooled, with a five main-bearing crankshaft and a side-mounted chain-driven camshaft operating eight overhead valves via pushrods and rockers. It made its debut appearance on the Renault 16.[1]


The AxK displaces 1.5 L (1470 cc). Applications:


The AxL displaces 1.6 L, from either 1565, 1596, or 1605 cc.

The turbocharged A5L engine in a Renault 18



The AxM displaces 1.6 L (1,647 cc). It was originally known as the type 841 or 843, depending on output.


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