Renault Clio Rally4

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Renault Clio Rally4
A small white-and-red car with a five door body is driven at speed along a gravel road.
A Clio Rally4 at the 2021 Rally Poland
ConstructorRenault Sport
Technical specifications[1]
Length4,050 in (10,287.0 cm)
Width1,988 in (5,049.5 cm)
Height1,450 in (3,683.0 cm)
Axle track1,500 in (3,810.0 cm)
Wheelbase2,579 in (6,550.7 cm)
EngineRenault TCe 1.3 L (79 cu in) I4, 16-valve turbocharged front-engine, front-wheel-drive
TransmissionSadev 5-speed sequential 2-wheel drive
Weight1,080 kg (2,381.0 lb)
Competition history

The Renault Clio Rally4 is a rally car developed and built by Renault Sport for the Rally Pyramid regulation of the Rally4 category. It is based upon the Renault Clio road car and used by the crews competing the European Rally Championship-3.[2]


The Renault Clio Rally4 weighs 1,080 kilograms (2,380 lb) and features a five-speed sequential gearbox and a turbocharged 1,330-cubic-centimetre (81 cu in) four-cylinder engine, which is more powerful than that in the Rally5 variant.[1][3] It features adjustable shock absorbers, using slightly wider tyres at tarmac events than the Rally5 car.[1][3] The Rally4 car is largely based upon the Rally5 version in most aspects,[2][4] which itself is derived from the standard road-going R.S. Line model of the mark five Clio.[3]

Competition history[edit]

The car made its debut at the Targa Florio – Rally Internazionale di Sicilia, driven by Paolo Andreucci.[5]

Rally victories[edit]

Regional championships[edit]

European Rally Championship-3[edit]

No. Event Year Driver Co-driver Ref
1 Latvia Rally Liepāja 2021 France Jean-Baptiste Franceschi France Anthony Gorguilo [6]


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