Renault Magnum

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Renault Magnum
Manufacturer Renault Trucks
Production 1990–2013
Assembly Bourg-en-Bresse, France
Body and chassis
Class Truck
Body style Truck (cab over engine)
Related Mack Magnum
Engine Mack V8, Volvo I6
Transmission Renault (manual/automatic)
Successor Renault Trucks T
Renault Magnum with Trailer in London.

The Renault Magnum is a heavy-duty truck that was produced by the French Manufacturer Renault Véhicules Industriels and later Renault Trucks (also part of Renault, now Volvo) from 1990 to 2013. The Magnum was available in semi and rigid configurations, both configurations could be bought with a 6×2 or 4×2 drivetrain. The 6×4 is merely designed for heavy haulage uses.

First launched in 1990 the Magnum was awarded the "International Truck of the Year" in 1991.

The Magnum featured in Top Gear S12 E01, when Jeremy Clarkson bought one for less than £5,000 in the Top Gear Lorry Challenge.

A few days after the presentation of its totally renewed range, in Lyon, Renault Trucks was getting ready to turn the page on the Renault Magnum. On Wednesday 26 June 2013, the keys to the last Magnum were presented to hauliers Robert Chabbert, at the Bourg-en-Bresse site, with a brand-new Renault Trucks T also present.

Technical data[edit]

Renault Magnum VEGA DXI 500 hp


The engine is derived from the 12L inline-6 engine of the AB Volvo Group. Changes include new engine management and an injection system co-developed with Delphi.

The engine was available in the following configurations:

Power Torque Max torque range
440 hp (328 kW) 2,200 N·m (1,623 lb·ft) 1020-1400 rpm
480 hp (358 kW) 2,400 N·m (1,770 lb·ft) 1030-1400 rpm
520 hp (388 kW) 2,550 N·m (1,881 lb·ft) 1050-1430 rpm



The transmission offered as standard is a ZF servoshift air-assisted 16-speed manual. The Optidrive II 12 speed automated transmission with 4 reverse speeds was offered as an option. This transmission could also be used in manual operation mode.

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