Renault R202

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Renault R202
Button Silverstone 2002.jpg
Jenson Button driving the R202 at the 2002 British Grand Prix
CategoryFormula One
Designer(s)Mike Gascoyne
PredecessorBenetton B201
SuccessorRenault R23
Technical specifications
ChassisMoulded carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque
Suspension (front)Carbon fibre top and bottom wishbones operate an inboard titanium rocker via a pushrod system
Suspension (rear)Carbon fibre top and bottom wishbones operate an inboard titanium rocker via a pushrod system
EngineRenault R202, Mid-mounted 3.0 litre V10 (111°)
TransmissionTitanium longitudinal, 6 speed + 1 reverse
Competition history
Notable entrantsMild Seven Renault F1 Team
Notable drivers14. Italy Jarno Trulli
15. United Kingdom Jenson Button
Debut2002 Australian Grand Prix
Constructors' Championships0
Drivers' Championships0

The Renault R202 is a Formula One car that competed in the 2002 Formula One season. The car was driven by Jarno Trulli and Jenson Button.

Renault returned to F1 as a team after an absence of over 15 years. When Renault first entered F1, the one part of the car that stood out was the engine; Renault pioneered turbo engines in F1. In 2002 the engine was special again; with a V angle of about 111 degrees, it was over 20 degrees wider than the competitors' engines. This wider V angle resulted in a lower centre of gravity, improving the car's handling. The wide-angle engine had been introduced the previous season in the Benetton B201, and a season of development had ironed out the teething problems its predecessor had suffered from.

The team finished fourth in the Constructors' Championship with 23 points, an impressive result for the team's first season and paving the way for their future success.

Complete Formula One results[edit]

(key) (Results in bold indicate pole position; results in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Entrant Engine Tyres Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Pts. WCC
2002 Mild Seven Renault F1 Team Renault RS22 V10 M AUS MAL BRA SMR ESP AUT MON CAN EUR GBR FRA GER HUN BEL ITA USA JPN 23 4th
Jarno Trulli Ret Ret Ret 9 10 Ret 4 6 8 Ret Ret Ret 8 Ret 4 5 Ret
Jenson Button Ret 4 4 5 12 7 Ret 15 5 12 6 Ret Ret Ret 5 8 6