Sofim 8140 engine

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Sofim 8140 engine
Manufacturer Sofim
Also called Renault S-Type engine
Combustion chamber
Valvetrain SOHC 8v

The 8140 was a diesel engine made by Sofim for automobiles. It was mostly used in commercial vehicles worldwide and covered a range of engine displacement from 2.4 to 2.8 litres. Originally introduced as a swirl chamber, naturally aspirated diesel, turbocharged versions only appeared in 1985. Direct injection models also appeared in the mid-eighties. Turbocharging the original engine, the design of which was finished in 1974, was impeded due to the original design.[1] Heat flux issues with the aluminium head and swirl chambers were eventually overcome, but did slow down development.[1]

2.4 and 2.5 L version[edit]

The S8U displaces 2,445 cc (149.2 cu in). In 1990 it was replaced by the S9U version with a 2 mm longer stroke, for a displacement of 2,499 cc (152.5 cu in).


2.8 L version[edit]

The SxW (Renault nomenclature) displaces 2.8 L (2800 cc).



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