Renault Viva Grand Sport

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Viva Grand Sport
Production1934 - 1939
DesignerMarcel Riffard
Body and chassis
Body styleSedan
Engine4085 cc straight-6
Length4,700 mm (185.0 in)
Width1,820 mm (71.7 in)
Curb weight2,000 kg (4,409 lb)
Renault concluded a contract with the high-profile pilot Hélène Boucher to promote the car.

The Renault Viva Grand Sport (branded as the Renault Vivastella Grand Sport before August 1935) was introduced alongside an updated version of the Nervastella in October 1934 at the Paris Motor Show. The last cars were produced in August 1939:[1] in anticipation of the 1940 model year a prototype of another updated Viva Grand Sport was produced during the summer of 1939, but in the event this single car was the only one of its type to be produced.

The car was styled by Marcel Riffard who previously had been better known as an aircraft designer.


The Viva Grand Sport was powered by a 6-cylinder straight engine with 4,085 cc (249 cu in) displacement.

Celebrity promotion[edit]

Renault concluded a contract with the high-profile pilot Hélène Boucher to promote the car.[2]


In 1934 Renault won the Grand Prix de la Baule.


Model Project code / "Type" Cylinders/
engine capacity
HP @ rpm
Top speed (approx) Production period
Units produced Price at
launch (FF)
Grand Sport
ABX 6/
95 @ 3,000 rpm 130 km/h
(81 mph)
only 10/1934 11 39,000 First eleven cars powered by 3,620cc engine. From March 1935 sold with 4,085cc unit. till March 1935
ABZ 2 41,000
ACX1 03/1935-08/1935 980 39,000
Viva Grand Sport ACX2 6/
95 @ 3,000 rpm 130 km/h
(81 mph)
08/1935-10/1936 3,752 - Plus 14 British market Type AES1 cars
ACX3 09/1936-02/1937 391 32,900 Plus 3 British market Type AES2 cars
BCX1 02/1937-10/1937 2,296 - Plus 10 British market Type BCZ1 cars
BCX2 09/1937-11/1937 216 43,000
BCX3 10/1937-07/1938 1,132 - Plus 93 British market Type BCZ2 cars
BCX4 04/1938-10/1938 136 -
BDV1 09/1938-08/1939 1,128 49,000
BDV2 only 07/1939 1 - Prototype

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