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Rench levee near Lautenbach
Country Germany
Main source Black Forest
approx. 960 m (3,150 ft)
River mouth Rhine
48°43′21″N 7°57′59″E / 48.72250°N 7.96639°E / 48.72250; 7.96639Coordinates: 48°43′21″N 7°57′59″E / 48.72250°N 7.96639°E / 48.72250; 7.96639
Physical characteristics
Length 59 km (37 mi)

The Rench is a river in the district of Ortenau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and a right-side tributary of the Rhine River. Its source is near Kniebis Mountain not far from Bad Griesbach in the Black Forest. It runs for 59 km before it discharges into the Rhine River near Rheinau/Lichtenau.

The Rench runs along the Rench Valley through Bad Peterstal, Oppenau, Lautenbach, Oberkirch and Renchen. In Oppenau the Lierbach discharges into the Rench.

Its upper part, the "Wildrench", is a worthy destination for hikers coming from the Schwarzwaldhochstraße or the Baden wine route.


  • Much of the content of this article comes from the equivalent German-language Wikipedia article (retrieved January 29, 2006).