Reneé Garcia

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Reneé Garcia
Genres Christian, R&B/Dance
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments vocals
Years active 1980s-present

Reneé Garcia is a singer of Christian contemporary music. She sang backup with Amy Grant on the Straight Ahead, Unguarded, and Heart in Motion tours and released two solo albums in the late 1980s. Currently, Garcia tours the country, singing in prisons with her husband. She has also released a song, "Blessed Assurance," as Renee Garcia-Bliss, on the compilation album Best of Modern Worship (2008), released by Madacy. Most recently, she released an album Life so Far.


  • Living in the Vertical (1987), released by Reunion Records
    1. "More Than Fascination"
    2. "Running from a Legacy"
    3. "I See Love"
    4. "Deepest Love"
    5. "Living in the Vertical"
    6. "I've Got My Eye on You"
    7. "The Bounce"
    8. "Imagination"
    9. "I Want to Be Used for You"
  • A Different World (1988), released by Reunion Records
    1. "A Different World"
    2. "Rockin' the House"
    3. "Victim of Circumstance"
    4. "Don't Throw It All Away"
    5. "Perfection"
    6. "Jerusalem"
    7. "You Don't Need It"
    8. "Live On"
    9. "If I Have To"
    10. "I Will Never Leave You"
  • Bliss Bliss (1995), released by R.E.X. Records
    1. "Fight for Peace" [No. 1 CHR Single]
    2. "Building Bridges"
    3. "Field of Daisies"
    4. "A Little Love"
    5. "Believe in You"
    6. "When the World's Asleep"
    7. "House of Cards"
    8. "Modern World"
    9. "Walking Thru Paradise"
    10. "Chain of Fear"
    11. "Love & Devotion"
    12. "House on the Hill"
  • Life So Far EP
    1. "Love Will Always Lead You Home"
    2. "Soon"
    3. "2 Heads Are Better Than 1"
    4. "Finding Paradise"


Title Date Publication Remarks
"Interview" Issue 2 1989 ACM Journal Interview by Lionel Vargas on July 15, 1989 while Reneé was on tour with Michael W. Smith.