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Renee Torres (March 17, 1911 – December 27, 1998) born Renee Osterman, was a Mexican-American actress and the sister of Hollywood star Raquel Torres. A half-German half-Mexican woman,she appeared in a number of 1930s films, including The Devil On Horseback (1936), Captain Blood (1937), and God's Country and the Woman (1937).

Negligent driver[edit]

On July 11, 1930 Renee had a traffic accident in which she was charged with hit and run driving and named with four others in a $1,752 damage suit. The plaintiffs charged that she was driving in a reckless manner. She explained to the presiding judge that she left the scene because she had been driving while wearing a pair of beach pajamas. She demonstrated this to him by removing her long coat and walking forward, clad in the pajamas. Torres did not go to jail.

Personal life[edit]

Torres was married at least four times. She wed for the second time on January 16, 1937, to studio publicity man Erman Pessis (born March 20, 1913 — died November 16, 2008). She gave her age on that occasion as 25, and mentioned a previous union. They were married in Beverly Hills, California.

Renee left Pessis in April 1938 and sued him for divorce in Reno, Nevada the same month. She claimed that the Hollywood press agent was familiar with other women and at one time had bound her hands behind her back and thrown her on the floor in the presence of other people.[citation needed] The divorce was granted on May 18, 1938

The legal dispute over the settlement amount continued until 1945. Originally Miss Torres asked for an amount of $2,000. Pessis contended he owed her a mere $75. Renee Torres married film actor Edward Ashley in 1943 in Acapulco, Mexico. The couple returned to Acapulco in 1947 when Ashley was filming Tarzan And The Mermaids.[citation needed] She and Edward lived in Ocean Hills in Oceanside, California and preceded him in death there in San Diego County December 27, 1998.


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