Renegade (HammerFall song)

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Single by HammerFall
from the album Renegade
Released 21 August 2000
Recorded Hansen Studios, Hamburg, October 1998
Ragnarök Studios, Stockholm, May 1999
WireWorld Studios, Nashville, Tennessee, April–June 2000
Genre Power metal, Heavy metal
Length 12:38
Label Nuclear Blast
Writer(s) Dronjak, Cans, Jesper Strömblad
Producer(s) HammerFall, Michael Wagener, The Wahlqvist Brothers, Kai Hansen, Dirk Schlächter
HammerFall singles chronology
"I Want Out"
"Always Will Be"

"Renegade" is a song by HammerFall, the first single from their album Renegade. It was released on 21 August 2000 and contains three audio tracks (two of those are non-album tracks), screensavers and a video special.
It includes a cover version of the 1983 Accept song "Head over Heels" (from their album Balls to the Wall).

It reached 89th in the German charts and scored 17th in Sweden.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Renegade" Dronjak, Cans, Jesper Strömblad 4:24
2. "Run with the Devil" R. Wahlqvist 3:39
3. "Head Over Heels" Accept & Deaffy 4:35
4. "HammerFall in WireWorld"    

Bonus materials[2][edit]

  • 'Behind the scenes' footage from the recording session.
  • HammerFall screensaver.


Additional Personnel[edit]

  • Track 1: vocals, guitar and keyboards by Kai Hansen, backing vocals by Udo Dirkschneider.
  • Track 2: backing vocals by the Wahlqvist Brothers.
  • Track 3: lead vocals by Udo Dirkschneider, backing vocals by Kai Hansen.

Release information[edit]

  • [3] Limited 7" Red Vinyl release with two tracks: "Renegade" on A-side and "Head Over Heels" on B-side. "Head Over Heels" is taken from the Nuclear Blast compilation "A Tribute to Accept".
  • [4] Limited 7" Test Pressing black Vinyl release with the first two tracks on it. Only a handful were made.

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