Renegade Rollergirls

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The Renegade Rollergirls
League logo
Metro area Phoenix, Arizona
Country United States
Founded 2004
Teams Single team
Track type(s) Any Surface
Venue Madison Events Center
Affiliations None
Website [1]

The Renegade Rollergirls (RRG) is a non-WFTDA-member women's roller derby league based in Phoenix, Arizona. The league was established in 2004 when several girls from multiple Phoenix leagues broke away to start a new league in hopes of playing a less restricted, more unadulterated game.
The Renegade League is a faster paced game with no penalties and no referees to stop game play or send skaters to a penalty box. Highlighting each skater's skill, players can use moves which are considered "outlawed" and illegal by WFTDA's league rules. The Renegade skaters play by the motto "any surface, any time." The Renegades have been known to play any willing team on surfaces such as concrete, wood, banked-track, sport court, or in the middle of the street.


As with WFTDA leagues, each team consists of:

  • 1 Pivot (Marked with a stripe down the center of her helmet)
  • 3 Blockers (No helmet marking)
  • 1 Jammer (Marked with a star or cover on her helmet)

Game play begins with a single whistle blown, at which point all skaters begin to skate around the track. The first jammer to break through the pack becomes the Lead Jammer and is able to call off the jam at any time by placing her hands on her hips (although in Renegade bouts, this strategy is rarely used). In the Renegade game, 3 points are awarded each time the jammer laps the pack (as opposed to regular roller derby where a single point is gained per skater passed).
Game play includes WFTDA-outlawed moves such as tripping, slide tackles and all manners of upper and lower body checks. Bouts are known for being brutal and fight-filled.

Current Renegade Rollergirls of AZ (Phoenix)[edit]

2013 Skaters:

  • Angelethal #138
  • KC KarrNage #86U
  • T-Wrexxx #16
  • Cindy Whop-Her #1984
  • Spanklin' D. Rollsevelt #32
  • Amber Block #612
  • Toxic Tequila #34B
  • Draculaura
  • Cabrona #24/7
  • Instant Karma #3
  • Pandoras Locks #777

2012 Skaters:

  • Angelethal #138
  • Gina Dentata #13
  • KC KarrNage #86U
  • Mad as Sin #04
  • T-Wrexxx #16
  • Cindy Whop-Her #1984
  • Spanklin' D. Rollsevelt # 32
  • Lindy-Onaidus # 300
  • Go-Go Liz #10
  • Misty Cent #05
  • Pandoras Locks #777

Sister Leagues[edit]