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Renegade Software
IndustryVideo game publisher
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Bitmap Brothers
Magic Pockets
Cadaver: The Payoff
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Renegade Software was a UK-based games publisher, founded in 1991 by the Bitmap Brothers.

Initially the Bitmap Brothers used the new label to publish their own games, after they had become dissatisfied with the practices of publishing companies (their previous games were published by Mirrorsoft). Their stated goal was to give game developers more artistic freedom and more recognition.[1] One of the first games released by Renegade Software was Magic Pockets, for which they had struck a deal with music publisher Rhythm King to include a Betty Boo song in the game.

Later Renegade also published games by other developers and went on as one of the successful independent publishers of its time, until it was acquired by Warner Interactive (run by Time Warner) in 1995, still publishing under the Renegade label. Subsequently in 1997 Warner Interactive was sold to GT Interactive (later Infogrames) and the Renegade label ceased to exist.[2]

Games [3][edit]


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