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Renegade Tribune
Available inEnglish
Created byKyle Hunt
Alexa rankIncrease 77,269 (August 2018)[1]

Renegade Tribune is an anti-Semitic, white separatist, holocaust denying, historical revisionist[2], white nationalist[3], and neo-Nazi[4] website established in 2012 by Kyle Hunt. The website, which is part of a larger brand known as Renegade Broadcasting, primarily focuses on white separatism and antisemitism[5]. In addition to white separatist and anti-Semitic ideology being posted on the website, it also offers content based on volkisch paganism and harsh criticism of other pagans for "wanting to ruin their bloodlines".

Labour Party Controversy[edit]

In March 2018, Christine Shawcroft, who just became the chairwoman of the Labour Party disputes panel not even three months prior to the event, was found to be defending Alan Bull, a candidate who posted a link to a Renegade Tribune article along with a Facebook post that said, "International Red Cross report confirms the Holocaust of six million Jews is a hoax". As a response to the incident, Renegade Tribune made an article called "UK Labour Candidate Shared Holohoax Article from Renegade Tribune, Suspended by Party".[6]


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