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The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) represents the ethanol industry promoting policies, regulations, and research and development initiatives that will lead to the increased production and use of ethanol fuel. First organized in 1981, RFA serves as a voice of advocacy for the ethanol industry, providing research data and industry analysis to its members, to the public via the media, to the United States Congress, as well as to related federal and state agencies.


Bob Dinneen serves as RFA's President and CEO. [1] RFA's Chairman is Neill McKinstray of the agribusiness company The Andersons, Inc.[2] and Vice-Chairman is Randall Doyal, the CEO of Al-Corn Clean Fuel,[3] an ethanol production cooperative in Claremont, MN.[4]

Key objectives [5] are to:

  1. Promote federal, state and local government policies, programs and initiatives that encourage expanded ethanol use.
  2. Provide technically accurate and timely information to auto manufacturers and technicians, the media, policy makers, marketers and refiners, and the general public.
  3. Participate in educational activities to increase public awareness regarding renewable fuels and the positive contribution they make to American energy independence, the economy and the environment.
  4. Provide RFA members with the information necessary for informed business decisions.

RFA has offices in both Washington DC and St. Louis, MO.[1]


The RFA convenes four concern-specific committees.

  • Technical Committee
focuses heavily on fuel specifications and standards such as ASTM International, National Conference of Weights and Measures, ISO, Canadian General Standards Board, and other international fuel requirements.[6]
  • Environmental Compliance Committee
examines and provides guidance on the myriad of environmental regulations pertaining to ethanol production facilities.[7]
  • Co-Products Committee
focuses on issues relevant to all ethanol co-products, from research and educational programs to regulatory issues and trade.[8]
  • Plant and Employee Safety Committee
works with federal, state and local governments as well as industry partners, to bring attention to hazardous materials regulations and other safety requirements.[9]

Fuels America campaign[edit]

Fuels America is a coalition group of organizations working in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard. The website of the group states their purpose as "promoting the benefits of all types of renewable fuel already growing in America".[10]

Examples of the efforts of Fuels America include an ad campaign launched in July 2013, with a focus choice in energy. The ad campaign is "targeted to policy makers in Washington DC and focused on supporting the Renewable Fuel Standard". (RFS) [11] Activities also include testifying in front of the United States Congress, such as testimony given by Bob Dinneen in July 2013 to a subcommittee for the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce.[12]

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