Renewable energy in Bhutan

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Renewable energy in Bhutan is the use of renewable energy for electricity generation in Bhutan. The renewable energy sources include hydropower.[1]

While Bhutan has seen great successes with developing its large hydropower projects through technical and financial assistance from India, little or no private sector participation with other forms of renewable energy has been evident.[2] In part because of the Sustainable development goals, Bhutan has established a minimum goal of 20 megawatts of renewable energy product by 2025, through a mix of renewable energy technologies. Bhutan's Department of Renewable Energy helped formulate and launch its Alternative Renewable Energy Policy in order to promote in Bhutan a mix of clean Renewable Energy (RE) technologies - solar, wind, bio-mass, geo-thermal, pico/micro/mini/small hydropower plants up to 25 MW in size and waste-to-energy technologies.

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