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The Ulla-Førre hydropower complex has an installed capacity of approximately 2,100 MW

Norway is a heavy producer of renewable energy, first of all due to good resources in hydropower. Over 99% of the electricity production in mainland Norway is covered by hydropower plants. The total production of electricity from hydropower plants amounted to 135.3 TWh in 2007[1] There is also a large potential in wind power, offshore wind power[2] and wave power, as well as production of bio-energy from wood.[3] Norway has limited resources in solar energy, but is one of the world's largest producers of solar grade silicon and silicon solar cells.

Guarantees of Origin, the system for Guarantees of Origin was implemented by the EU Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC. In 2010 the average electricity consumption mix of a Norwegian household was 36% renewable.[4]

As per the European Union's 2009 Renewables Directive (later added in the EEA Agreement), Norway has established a national goal for renewable energy - 67.5% of gross final consumption of energy supplied by renewable sources by 2020.[5]

Wind power[edit]

Wind turbine in Bjugn

In 2012 Norway had a wind power electricity production of 1.6 GWh. It aims to triple its capacity of currently ca.700 MW to 2GW by 2020.[6]


Buddy, an electric car produced in Norway

In the transport sector the share of renewables has increased from 1.3% to 4% between 2005-2010, and currently Norway has one of the highest numbers of electric cars per capita in the world.[7]

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